Love Shanghai and the emergence of new changes

for the sake of the user;

Oh! !From the above point of view

4) himself out of the ordinary;

1) may this is only a test, to see if the user is a reflection of how to reflect? If the effect is good, on the launch, if not, quit;

3) in order to further deepen the difference with the 360 search, so the launch of this project service;

is purely personal point of view, 贵族宝贝bswhy贵族宝贝/

the next step to push policy action

1) in order to improve the user experience? We know that more than 90% of Internet users will stay on the first page, and opened the second pages of Internet users only need those figures, then the love of Shanghai launched this project service, probably in order to note of robbery the remaining 10% Internet users, and love Shanghai itself algorithm problems, resulting in a second page, third page has a lot of junk ", so the launch of this service project.

2) love Shanghai to show their efforts to make the degree of user experience, so in order to said he is not invariable, but has been in the

Oh, maybe it is the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum there are lots of projects, all right, but if the introduction of such words, so for the Shanghai dragon ER practitioners, so we have to again increase the degree of attention to the relevant search, so in any case do good to search attention is always good Oh, as for how to to improve the search, many people will ask them oh,

as everyone knows, our group of webmasters always rely on love Shanghai food, love Shanghai have relationships with every act and every move our vital interests, therefore, to any change to love Shanghai very seriously, so when love when Shanghai launched on the second page surface search (as shown in Figure 1) when I had to make the fat panda Lenovo elegant.

why love Shanghai will launch this service? Guangzhou Shanghai dragon for everyone I guess, to love Shanghai babamai, ha ha, just guess, not according to what the

2) may have a series of big moves, the search engine has launched this business change, Shanghai love their own style of search engines, from search to the safety index, to launch their own products like Shanghai, the occupation of the browser market;

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