Share P crazy drop 8000 summary after the night

, a collection of the same, the ranking drop, I was down the right

as early as April of this year, Shanghai love has given us a signal, but did not care, the chain had 3 big ups and downs, included is also greatly rise, but then there is normal, so several times after, we thought the love of Shanghai draft, but did not know and this is a harbinger of before the earthquake! All know too late!

two, the excessive optimization, the promotion of a single

three, Trinidad reduce the ulcer in the colony

then we promote the account be love sea closure! I think this is evidence of intervention, may be related to the hospital over the dispute, because the newspaper, there may be someone in Shanghai to report! Anyway, the station is over, until now, there is no signs of recovery IP, has been hovering around 900, in any case do not go up to do.

manual intervention is inevitable

can be seen through the webmaster tools included, or 23000, the chain 45000, these have not changed, but why is the simple ranking changed, almost overnight, all the words are not. I think I love Shanghai down the right, and both may be artificial right down, because the hospital reputation propaganda is very powerful, but also to do promotion, the main is our hospital some time ago because of medical disputes to be exposed, and thus triggered a series of public relations problem is for this reason was drop right? I think it is possible to


In fact,

has been in the management of a medical website of our company, the performance is outstanding, IP is awesome, the chain of what is good, the boss of my technology is praised, said I do good business, but it’s all in a day of May 2011 disillusioned, from the website IP the 9300 fell to 1270, when I was at cnzz in the morning, when the input password, there is an ominous flash, but when I opened the cnzz see the statistics, all of this is true! Nonsense not say, directly on the goods, according to my experience, to give you an analysis, why website IP can Kuangxiang more than 8000.

summary of this site, we can conclude that excessive optimization must not go, although can get a ranking, but the total.


on our website, you can see, are very standard and keywords within the chain to do, but maybe it is this standard let love Shanghai identified, many in our chain, but are the key words in the chain, is link correlation is too poor, I think this is also a reason. We compare the promotion of a single, is blogging and classification, almost all in the two class, before we send in good place of a lot of love, like Shanghai, know the classification, blog, business, encyclopedia, library, 39 questions and so on, but later management is loose, then only the classification, I think this is also a reason.

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