Taobao Shanghai dragon baby details page optimization and optimization of

per hour flow curve of a school friend shop one day, we observed three gold points this shop flow at 10 in the morning to 14 PM -16 at 21 p.m.. So I can follow the shelves were deployed baby.

second elements: Title keywords



deployment shelves were in our baby every day within one week after the next frame next week will use Taobao windows to recommend the background, will be off the shelf baby window is recommended, how many windows with many many! You are using the window manager (good?? super manager is a good automatic arrangement window software)


simply said: Taobao Shanghai dragon is a kind of let our baby ranking optimization techniques before! Also called Taobao search ranking technology

can bring a lot of traffic


for each product has a title, the title is made of key words. Taobao in Shanghai dragon, the baby Title keywords can be divided into three levels: the top two keywords, keywords, long tail keywords. The top keywords is generally composed of two or three words, search volume is very large, relatively speaking, the competitiveness is very large. Some people may ask.

three. Bring traffic is relatively stable

two. Bring traffic is free

five. Train is actually a free version of Taobao search, do Taobao search ranking optimization, elements of train is not easy to do the first point: reasonable shelf time + reasonable window recommend you upload baby on time is the time, this time under the frame of time is 7 days after the last time you baby I like the baby on time for the March 1, 2012 10:00 that my baby shelf time is the time delayed 7 days in March 8, 2012 10:00 we can control on time to calculate our baby shelf time, general shelves in planning the program should take into account the baby baby shelf time. That is what you are doing now is for a week after your baby can get more exposure to

we first understand the word Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon also called search engine optimization, an optimized search ranking technology rules! What is the Taobao

brings the flow is more accurate than train customers, a higher conversion rate of

The above figure is

Taobao: Shanghai dragon by adapting to the Taobao search ranking rules, optimization technology to make the baby get in the Taobao search results first show, Taobao is a Shanghai dragon through the study of Taobao ranking rules, put the baby into line with Taobao ranking optimization rules of the baby of their own, so as to improve our baby’s position, get traffic

every dayFour. Shanghai dragon? !

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