Shanghai Longfeng commonly used instruction usage skills and problems

Now some

this is our second familiar instruction, its role is to query the domain name of the anti chain. Similar and site instructions, domain domain name can also know the health status of domain website, your domain name is on the home page, also can determine the site where in addition, love Shanghai eleven or more by the ranking, webmaster should correct it means the Shanghai dragon phoenix.

domain tips: domain your competitors can use the domain name, and get more the chain platform, as his own.

3.inurl instruction

is a search query term appears in the URL page. This instruction is very easy to use, not only can we use the inurl query to which files and directories contained in our URL, you can also use inurl to find words, our competitors.

2.domain instruction instruction


I usually love a combination with the command: domain:leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 -inurl:>

webmaster tools on the Internet emerge in an endless stream, the function is also more and more rich, we can see from these tools in a general data display for our website, we have a lot of help. However, as a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, to constantly improve ourselves, only with the help of third party tools is not enough, and a bit of trouble, the search engine offers a good command of Shanghai Longfeng for us, we can get what we want to see the data according to the quality, here are some of our common and commonly used to command as well as their usage and problems.



instruction has 2 problems: domain name is not in the first place: website optimization methods have problems lead to drop right. Solution: stable update original content, chain normal time detection.

this is our most familiar a collar, its purpose is to search all the files under a domain name. In fact, what we say is search engine included in the chain. Usage: site:XXX贵族宝贝 is also applicable on the website of the sub domain. domain with the distinction between WWW and WWW: the two are not the same. No WWW is a domain name, and WWW is the two level domain name, a domain name is definitely better than the weight of the two level domain name is high, so the emergence of such a situation, not included with WWW than with www. The problem is caused by the search engine that is two copy each other similar sites, the solution is 301 redirect.

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