Site optimization to do good work must first sharpen his tools

1, the theme of the site

2, reasonable arrangements for the website structure


free wolf URL: 贵族宝贝 china1贵族宝贝/post/web Shanghai 0601.html reproduced Shanghai dragon dragon.

The formation of

website user experience is generally considered to enhance the trust and goodwill in the user site, but also can enhance the weight of the site in search engine. Web2.0 is very popular now, each website has some "love", "recommended", "vote" and other social sharing tools, now the search engine is very concerned about the socialization of the Internet, from the SNS, micro-blog update, included remarkable. So if a website to obtain sufficient social sharing recommendation for the weights of the website promotion is very helpful.

"to do good work, we must first of its profits" from "the Analects of Confucius · Wei Ling", mean to do one thing, preparation work is very important; website optimization is also so, if you want to get a good ranking in the search engine, not only to do the chain optimization within the chain, the directory structure is very important. Nanjing Shanghai dragon to optimize the internal web site about the website optimization.

theme of the site location to the station orientation in the search engines, such as the theme of a website is about Shanghai Longfeng, optimization of website content, the station keywords in this area will be reflected in the search engine rankings; conversely, if the website content and keywords are not coherent, so will the keyword ranking very low or even No.

website optimization website itself is a process of constantly improve their website quality, use search engine a word as long as is consistent with the user experience factors are conducive to the promotion of website weight".

site structure includes the domain name of the website, the website directory structure. We generally resolve domain name will choose at the beginning of the WWW, and put it as the chain extension domain; ignore top-level domain, thus causing the top-level domain name and domain name www will grab the weights of the phenomenon; 301 redirect to the top-level domain www domain name. The site directory to make reasonable arrangements, should not be too much, usually to the three level directory; each directory hierarchy, the site map is indispensable.

3, the website internal links


in the chain is very important for each site, in the chain distribution of good sites, for the weight of ascension is very effective. Set the "recommended article", "article", "recent article" in the home, will be able to effectively their popular articles, just released the article recommended to the search engine, is updated snapshot, add articles included, but also can improve the weight of the article itself. This paper completes the internal anchor text, keyword set relevant article recommended, the weight between each page with each other.

Localization of website user experience

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