Alert 20 ambiguity misleading Shanghai Longfeng operation optimization

1. as long as the original content, not pay attention to the content of the quality of


if you change the structure of the site and template, will cause the search engine to the site to crawl, website links will have some impact, so a lot of chain, ranking will be fluctuations, similarly, when small changes can be changed.


website is not only a few pictures, add text information, the user can also increase the understanding of the product, but also conducive to search engine friendliness, also can increase the user retention time, reduce the rate of jump out.


this kind of money to buy the business of money, need professional data analysis and conversion rate, but also to understand the relevant market, the industry in Shanghai, for example, love > 360, Sogou

site title is very important, is also an important reference for the user search source, and frequent changes to the title, resulting in site punishment and drop right, ranking affected, if you can add or subtract words to change it to a small range.

2. text content is too small or too much useless information


of the information age, in full respect of user behavior but also for the user to think, the original light only, without increasing the useful information, produce useless value to the users, will cause the loss of users, but the impact of website optimization value.

5. free to change the template and the structure of

bidding strategy is wrong

love Shanghai algorithm corresponding to the purchase link Scindapsus, so it is suggested that the driver is still far away from the idea, once found the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Of course, it may be appropriate to increase the industry related content, related links, link density do not use the anchor text of more than 5-10%, creating the link speed is not too fast, steady increase.

do not find some no ranking sites, try to find the weight equal to or slightly higher than their own website, for some gaming, novels the site do not add, may be included in the trust queue.

Links to around 20 in a good, not more than thirty, try not to get too much, but also pay attention to quality, strengthen the relationship between the friends of the chain, a mobile phone website add a vegetable website, basically it is a bit ridiculous, the effect is not very good, but the impact of ranking.

3. blind keyword stuffing

general keyword density between 2%-8%, 4% good, too little is not conducive to optimizing the rankings, too many words, search engine will think you are malicious stack keywords, will therefore be punished, regardless of title or keyword description, content description can be equally appropriate.

6. too much or non correlation Links

4. frequent changes to the site TDK

The purchase of a large number of the chain

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