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at the policy level, to have a thriving forum is almost all popular Web2.0 website dream, but the provisions of the bid BBS license, must provide hosting agreement, access way for virtual host ICP can bid for BBS. Thus, independent website server investment seems to be the only way, but when these small sites buy millions of dollars worth of independent server and its hosting to IDC, you will find yourself falling into the "affordable horse with a saddle up" position.

however, market research has found that these hardware and software security devices, such as firewalls and black holes, are expensive. Now cheap hardware firewall system also needs twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan, and to prevent DDOS attacks most effective black hole equipment, even relatively cheap domestic brands also need about one hundred thousand yuan. This resulted in the vast majority of WEB2.0 sites have to put their site in "undefended" state of operation. The data show that the lack of security protection has become the main reason for frequent attacks on domestic websites, seriously affecting the quality of the site’s operation, but also restricting the future development of the site space.

received an e-mail from Ali’s mother an hour ago, leaving me very disappointed with Ali’s mother:

if you think that after verification, the phenomenon is normal and in accordance with the actual situation, please provide proof within the time limit data corresponding to my website, if not available, or provide information you cannot prove that I will be on your website last month now click billing including default AD / sponsor AD / partner Ali mother advertising exchange of proceeds temporarily frozen, until you provide proof materials and reasonable.

thank you very much for your understanding.

I found your website system detection, website traffic appeared abnormal phenomenon, that is your site traffic abnormal way up, please check the phenomenon, and please after receiving this notice within seven working days to make a written explanation of the phenomenon.

? integrity?

speechless! Mom is a failure, cry up wine and sell vinegar, and the integrity of the webmaster together? Can ask their own mom


the corn in this account has expired, and the site no longer exists. I could not help but want to ask Mom? Even a domain name expired, websites do not account, where the site traffic? How can the site traffic abnormal inflated? The background statistics is zero, it is normal to turn negative

has two aspects: on the level of technology, such as web site owners want to give the site B2B, B2C e-commerce model, then it will need strong security online payment function on the secretive nature of the "sharing" characteristics of virtual hosting space, this is hardly reassuring.

I can only say that the mother of Ali’s technician, head appeared abnormal inflated, so that the site is gone, there will be traffic abnormalities.

Web2.0 trend has led to the emergence of a large number of small and medium websites, but at the same time they have been in great trouble. Because of the rapid increase of web access traffic and the unprecedented increase of resource consumption, the virtual hosting service chosen by the website in the start-up stage can not support the overload operation of the website.

, another is the current emerging exclusive server mode. Such as Chinese nets by virtue of its size to take advantage of the virtual host server independent price, resource allocation, "to rent server" right to use "rather than" bare property "approach, to provide users with free hosting, Gigabit Gigabit firewall black hole and the person commissioning and maintenance of daily service, to solve the actual.

there are only two ways to solve this problem: one is part of the IDC launch of the payment mode, is the inability to small and medium-sized web hosting users one-time purchase of protective facilities, to pay a monthly rent form to enjoy the security services provided by IDC. Although it temporarily alleviated the difficulties of the site’s initial investment, it actually accumulated a huge burden.

because IDC can not provide free security services, and install anti-virus software routine and cannot handle the failure safety behavior of rampant hacking, DDOS attack and so deep, which means small website owners need to configure the firewall, black holes and backup important soft hardware protection facilities, and to pay maintenance personnel and other material and energy considerable investment.

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