Five aspects of cost share do all kinds of Shanghai Longfeng needs

: I don’t believe this. Whether it is personal or update the software update, whether it is their own hair or software automatically complete the chain, the absolute support all cannot do without the human. A small project may be just one person in, a little on the scale of Shanghai Longfeng project is in need of a team to operate, the clear division of labor, on time every day to record and analyze data, develop strategy. In addition, the optimization of the ideas we need to constantly adjust according to the circumstances. So, do we need to consume a large amount of Shanghai dragon "brain cells".

fourth, fail: in fact, nothing can certainly do 100%, Shanghai Longfeng more could not guarantee success. The development of Internet, and the search engine algorithm has also been adjusted, there may be a space, domain name, algorithm changes, such as any revision a question wrong leads to accidents. We all know that some websites, spent some time, manpower and material resources, but finally ended in failure. So, the failure must be considered before doing a "Shanghai Dragon

many people will have an impression, feeling Shanghai dragon is free. Most of the time I would think so, because some key words do promotion need high cost, and some keywords ranking do go up can be maintained for a long time, but free maintenance. From this perspective, can really understand for free. But on the whole, Shanghai dragon needs cost, although very low, but not free.

with the development of the Internet, now Shanghai dragon has not just put a keywords ranking do go up so simple, considering the conversion rate, Shanghai dragon will become a basic project, there will be a variety of cost. According to some of his own ideas, and everyone from four aspects to do all kinds of cost to Shanghai dragon, if have a wrong place, welcome everybody.

third, financial resources: if a man do Shanghai dragon, so money may be less, and if it is a large Shanghai Longfeng project, you need to network optimization company or his team to do Shanghai dragon, so that the cost will be increased significantly. The number of the team salary is an aspect to consider, because Shanghai Longfeng needs a longer time, so he didn’t appear before profit, must be able to guarantee team and, wages must be guaranteed, this is a very real problem.

second, time: we all know that Shanghai dragon is one of the promotion methods of low cost, but low cost often means a long time, a long time is one of the "hidden costs". Especially for a new website, do not expect a short time can have high flow. Listen to a lot of Master said in Shanghai Longfeng per year, or at least half a year. But some sites is not a protracted war for such a long time, the opportunity is a bit from fleeting. So, do Shanghai Longfeng enterprises must bear the costs can affect the time, it is a lot of friends did not think.

First, human

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