After dropping out of junior high school students to do for four months in Shanghai dragon real expe

today is May 10, from Chengdu not to the whole four months, suddenly found that, at the age of 16, I had become a feverish of Shanghai dragon guy, this time in the dream I often do within the chain, update the blog. In the campus boring and long wandering, I now have their own spiritual sustenance and the pursuit of dreams. From a school girl, still make table to parents for junior high school students to become angry, Shanghai dragon force, I hope my experience can awaken those who waste their time in school children, it is a pity that they can not see these articles, they may get more love to write some QQ space, I cannot read the text to decorate their youth is not sad. So, I hope that my experience can be the ones who stand on the crossroads brothers see, can be in the industry certainly predecessors.

Third days

just went to Chengdu when I just want to rely on their own hands to survive, Shanghai dragon is what I don’t know. When online resume I felt the importance of education, I felt unprecedented pressure, and deep inferiority. Styled, rely on the school saved cognition on the Internet, as long as the "computer" related to the recruitment work I have handed out your resume.

2010 is not a day to the Spring Festival, I at home doing my homework, I suddenly stood up the papers and reference books are all thrown to the ground, I calmly told the parents, don’t want to read. The pursuit of ideal, must do these boring questions to achieve? Whether they understand, are not important. There are 21 days in the Spring Festival, I took 800 dollars a person on Chengdu.

to write this article and I both excited and nervous, nervous because one did not finish junior high school who can write the article readability much, exciting is that I will share their walk out from school four months of experience, which has bitter, there is injustice, there are more uncomfortable, the joy of harvest and the joy of growth. Write so long article I worry about whether people can start to see the tail, because this is not the thousand million law articles, although a thousand million law, many webmaster seems more love to see the articles……

just over a week, no company call, I can not help but smile, holding the remaining more than 200 dollars in his pocket, I told myself if after a week or without any news, I feel at ease to go to the hotel to wash the dishes.

to write this article has two purposes: 1, after combing out from school for four months at the Shanghai dragon inside the experience, so I can look stronger in the future; 2, to encourage those who hesitate to low degree of the brothers, they are not involved in this field, I hope his story can give them more to let them rise some confidence. When writing this article some kind of lyric when I was thinking, and after writing one hundred or two hundred words of nonsense, I seem to have found inspiration.

days Gelianjian, a company called me.

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