For some small thinking of making web content architecture

The first point:

itself is not a mistake, with a good friend, than those at a distance will be more appropriate, remember also seen in previous love club Shanghai, love Shanghai judge the quality is high or not high, is that this article is to obtain the user’s access to the user’s love, whether this recommendation, including whether it is appropriate to recommend a crowd, whether there are a large number of user comments, whether there is a certain number of reproduced in this judgment, will understand the content here is appropriate, for example, a copy of the articles on the website, then triggered a large number of comment, this page is dynamic, then search for, every time come in will always see something new, it is proved to be active. "

many people have said that the emergence of a large number of copies of the article on the network is for some of the damage site, which in my opinion is exaggerated, there are still many websites rely on such contents as well, perhaps you will say, these are large, is rarely right down, (PS: if things like reason, everything is the reason). What is the website content quality, copy and paste the content is not good? I never said so, just as the master station and A5, every day also have the same information a lot, even the words are the same, but still get the editor identity, so as to obtain the static content. Here, the article around the content of the website will be the biggest to the user experience, here is not original, just copy and paste out.

website content framework to create, copy and paste is not a good way to

Copy and paste the

most of the time, we are talking about the content of the website should do, many of my friends would say, the content of the website is sure to be original, or please people, or to write their own, and so on, the word itself is not wrong, but, what do you have so much energy to create an original content of a website, if bigger, need more content to add, please do every day hundreds of editors to edit the article? In fact, if some are around a theme to illustrate the contents of what is fear.

, a website, a feature, if no website even a feature, how to retain users, most of the time, we always get new users, but forgot how to have come to my friends on the site to keep, if a website is always to get new users as the first element of it, there will always be a day, resources would always slow down, at that time, what you get is the light blank, at that time looking back, you will find a lot of things you have to do is too much to the promotion is not bad, but. If you cannot put content on the first element, your promotion to the user how to become your long-term users, this article is for the website, content framework of some small thinking, dedicated to everyone.

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