Those links are easily recognized is the original way

In the case of

2, you in the chain of the front or rear section, will affect the



in the chain, have one or several from the same industry authority website for your links, such as the Hefei talent network can have several messages in the large-scale recruitment site Zhaopin etc.. This will make the search engine think your site does have the characteristics of large scale web site is not, and will more easily search engine recognition

whether the chain, or link to station construction work, let them the steady growth of every Shanghai dragon Er should pay attention to the content, because the search engine is not particularly love sharp changes of the site, especially the construction of the chain. So you want to ranking in the search engine, be sure to pay attention to the growth rate of

although small series just entered the Shanghai dragon industry, will be required to change the link, try to make their own site on the front, such as 1/40, the search engine will be fancy, so now many webmaster exchange chain, often very fancy this

4, the number of the chain you drastically change



actually, I do not know if you noticed, no matter when, just a popular search engine or now, more or less have some form of link to the website keywords ranking, of course, not only refers to the construction of the chain, some within the chain set is also very important!! if you want to make your site recognized by search engines of course, has also been recognized by the user, so the absolute trust is very important, so in the end how to build links, search engines can be recognized by the user, or even

3, the source of the chain will be enough variety? The anchor text set whether enough variety

1, is the same industry authority site recognized by


chain useless" since it has been proved to be misunderstood, so the chain construction is still an important part of today’s Shanghai dragon work. Therefore, the source of the chain site is not enough to diversify the link anchor text set is not diversity has become an important factor in the search engine on the site. If you want to have good rankings, don’t stare at a forum for the construction of the chain



in May this year in the history of search engine will occupy a space for one person, after all, the May love Shanghai as the largest domestic search engine market, a major adjustment of the algorithm, is a test for many sites. Especially those websites by collecting information to survive, what means this adjustment, Hefei talent network Xiaobian think you must particularly clear, so some clever webmaster for a long time, it will update the site of the original is placed in the first place. Of course, if you want to survive the ordeal unscathed, then the white hat Shanghai Longfeng technique is the webmaster friends you need to always adhere to the work.


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