The new website ranking changes

site ranking, webmaster will feel very happy, looking forward to further improve the rankings, but once ranking down, the webmaster began to tangle, because they do not understand the new website ranking rules, the heart began to worry, that is the site is down right, then began to panic self-help, change here change there, put a good website to toss the blind.

on the site was ranked rise, if you think the site weight has increased, ranking will be stable, obviously is fantastic, not so easily stabilized website ranking. They woke up this morning, the site keywords ranking disappear, query the first 30 page ranking, still do not see the bread network rankings, obviously, website is search engine sandbox in the struggle.

the bread 贵族宝贝mianbaoju贵族宝贝/ feeds, please keep the link

, thank you! When the new

some new Adsense is not calm, not bottom of heart, it is because they do not understand this truth, they will feel strange, when the decline in a long time, many webmaster think this is the search engine right down, then make irrational decisions.

encountered new website ranking drop is normal, ranking up and down fluctuations need several times, finally able to settle down. As the movie my ranking disappear, if no accident, most within a month, the ranking will be promoted again, but still not stabilized after the upgrade, but also experienced several changes in the webmaster heart must be prepared to face the change in rank of psychological preparation.

found in the morning bread net movie ranking no, disappeared on page fifth, ranking to dozens of pages away, but I do not think what is strange, it is entirely in my expectations, because this is a new movie website, ranking changes are usually new website. To rank stabilized, and at least half a year, this is the simple keyword terms.

website set up the first month, the search engine is only included in this movie station home page, second months early, get keywords ranking, but the ranking is very backward, in dozens of pages, to second months of the end of the month, ranking rose to twentieth, to third months early, ranking began to increase from page 20, has started to climb, seventeenth pages, 15 pages, 10 pages, 5 pages, the best result is on page fourth.

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