To really want to do Shanghai Longfeng webmaster my candid

first, first do the hard to do. Why should emphasize with two words, because many beginners especially now the society itself is blundering, as with a boss or supervisor to optimize personnel pressure, sometimes really last ditch, such as illegal cheating, some optimization technique, here the writer sincerely recommend you Shanghai dragon Er, if you just enter the the industry, or indeed to do things right, and not as simple as all Shanghai Dragon said, every pseudo original, send the chain, this mindless way is impossible to achieve good results, Shanghai dragon in the present user experience based on increasing, we have to do is how to make the user experience better, of course, your web site, web links, open access speed, experience should focus on the core to do, put down the emergency Calm down the impetuous psychological patient impatient! Shanghai dragon should have patience, putting into action is to get down to do a good job in every details related to user experience, holding the real service for customers to do not want everywhere speculation, this is the first point of a perception in the process of optimization the.

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second, no effect should be how to do after insist for a long time? Many owners died in the death of adhering to the two words above, the first month of the beginning, full of confidence that the state is really admirable, but as time goes on for three months when the site still can not see the obvious effect. Time is like a deflated balloon suddenly withered anxious to drill into the seam in this time, how should we do? Well, to analysis, such as three months delay website ranking did not appear, but other website changes? For example, included, first month included the 5, second months a collection of 7 articles, these features as we show that our efforts are just the effect of low efficiency, not on the site early immediate hope to directly see the rankings, this is not present True, in their own to put pressure on myself, there is no reason for anyone to love Shanghai as soon as possible the website content, as soon as possible to give ranking, we can do is that it is the good thing to do, then, is to analysis website, look at the release of the article in the first three months of the amount collected, this time may be very low flow, do not be afraid, a stage to do a thing, this is the initial optimization strategy, should pay attention to the core is included.

we know, Shanghai Longfeng optimization is there is a certain time period, as a webmaster we can only continue to enhance their sense of Shanghai Dragon technology, to do, to see the results, as a Shanghai dragon optimization personnel for Shanghai Long Fengchu scholars, I have been holding the pious attitude, because any one powerful Shanghai Dragon Er, is a rookie transformed back, but this process may be a lot of new entrants to the industry of the Shanghai dragon Er is not very clear, here I share with you, really want to do for the Shanghai dragon webmaster I candid.

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