Website optimization scheme classic breadcrumb navigation

type: type 2, position location breadcrumbs are fixed, the display page on the site in the

breadcrumb navigation can be said to be the tree structure diagram of a flat, can show the structure of the website is the most straightforward, this whether browsing users of the website or search engine crawling is very beneficial. For our electronic nameplate such a small website, breadcrumb navigation can better weight website main keywords are locked in the home, to facilitate centralized electronic enterprise website weight nameplate.

A total of

breadcrumb navigation website breadcrumb navigation three types:

path: path type crumb is a dynamic way to display the page after the user;

for the electronic nameplate enterprise website, inside the chain.

are generally in the breadcrumb navigation below, generally in the form of home > a directory name > two directory name; > the present position, try to put the bread crumbs navigation level control in four layers, it is also advantageous and the search engine spiders to climb down a layer, four layer below it it is difficult to climb. In doing so, the electronic nameplate 贵族宝贝infree贵族宝贝.cn/ website breadcrumb I try to control it in the 3 layer, usually less than four.

With the continuous adjustment of the

breadcrumb navigation as an optimization scheme of classic website optimization, especially a certain role, such as the construction of electronic nameplate website, breadcrumb navigation using, the main role is to:

1, in order to allow the user to browse the page position clear when browsing the site, at the same time, users can easily return to previous menu, in line with the user experience;

2, from the perspective of website optimization, in accordance with the design idea of the user experience itself is conducive to the website optimization, and help enhance some keywords ranking.

breadcrumb navigation (BreadcrumbNavigation) from the concept of fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, when Hansel and Gretel through the forest, accidentally lost, but they found along the way through the place all over the bread crumbs, let these bread crumbs to help them find the way home, so the bread crumbs navigation role tell visitors they are currently in the position in the website and how to return.


search engine algorithm, website optimization scheme is also in constant change, only consider the optimization of the site later, is not a good website optimization ignore station construction. Now the site optimization pre construction and post sites have been combined together, doing so can achieve the maximization of website ranking, website brings natural flow. I would like to share with you a classic scheme of website optimization: breadcrumb navigation.

3, property type: classification information of the current page attributes of the given type of bread crumbs.


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