Yahoo Site Explorer to stop the service and the disappearance of the YAHOO chain

2, Shanghai dragon tool called the YAHOO data will not display or stop.

Shanghai dragon has a saying that the chain content is king, for the emperor, the importance of this sentence highlights the chain and content, and the need to pay special attention to the chain of Shanghai dragon query optimization process, at present more authority and the Shanghai dragon Er approved should be regarded as the YAHOO chain, relative it is more objective. But the chain from the Chinese YAHOO query tool to stop the service after tomorrow (November 21, 2011) English YAHOO webmaster tools will also stop the service. Yesterday, ZAC said it was on micro-blog, so you rely on YAHOO Webmaster Tools query outside the chain of friends to pay special attention, rely on the Yahoo! Site Explorer check of the chain and software to students to think of other ways.


of course, if you encounter such a situation there is no need to panic, after all, only Yahoo! Site Explorer to stop the service, nor your site outside the chain are missing. In the Yahoo! Site Explorer to stop the service, the webmaster how to query the chain? What YAHOO webmaster tools instead of

YAHOO webmaster tools to stop the service, may have the following:

I use the

As for the

because of the time, wrote here. This paper consists of:

this is also don’t worry, has explained in YAHOO’s blog: YAHOO web browser will English and on the Bing web site management tools, officially stopped service for November 21, 2011. This can be seen, simply moving into, rather than directly K off this service, so we try the Bing webmaster tools address: www.bing贵族宝贝/toolbox /webmaster

not accustomed to this, find Yahoo for Explorer! Site friends, I recommend Open Site Explorer, which is a powerful tool for support provided by Shanghai dragon maz technology, can help you solve some practical problems.

Bing web site management tools for testing, so far, only to see a statistics on their website external links inside, position index, external links, but before here I did not find the Yahoo! Site Explorer function, data needs 3 days to effect.

1, Yahoo Site Explorer was unable to use the chain query.

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