360 kidnapped baby noble search in the end how much traffic

is only one exception, a few days later "love Shanghai" search volume rose. There are two possible reasons. One is that the recent topic of love Shanghai more; another is because turn flow 360, users can not find the love of Shanghai, so the search volume rose.

first selects Chinese District nobility baby search hot words: download, QQ, games, love Shanghai, everyone. For nearly 90 days of trend. In August 20th, the most significant decline, and the 21 media reports 360 series of products are basically change the default search. In addition, there are signs of bottoming out, indicating that some Internet users after replacing the default search engine, can manually modify the back (360 not forced to lock the comprehensive search).

search is a landmark event: 360 site navigation and 360 security browser user’s search engine has been changed to 360 default search. How this action results? We know that this is the location of the original noble baby, 360 saw how much traffic we don’t know, but we know how many noble baby drop. Yes, look at the noble baby search analysis.




360 who took




3B for this conjecture, with the first leg of the war moves (user through 360 comprehensive search access to love Shanghai know, Wikipedia, Post Bar and other services, will be forced to jump the beloved Shanghai home), continue to analyze the search changes related to love Shanghai ". The figure shows that Internet users are looking for love in Shanghai rose, also imagine that those unwilling to be "turn" of the primary users, wonder: love Shanghai where is

"game" of the search words on behalf of white users, with "love Shanghai" of the search words on behalf of ordinary users. Look and draw inferences: on the one hand, white users are directly abducted, hand users calling by 360 wall love Shanghai service (unfortunately, we are looking for the love of Shanghai know).

forced to jump beloved Shanghai home

One of the 360

modify the default search engine

and abducted, turn after the sale, the first 360 strokes turn the channel awesome, see how the second strokes to "sell"

this is a story from MediaTek (MTK) An Lijun (WeChat @m41m41) submission, he of the mobile Internet technology, search and data analysis are very interested in. This article on the 360 search essay is from the perspective of data analysis.


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