How can we change the face of search engines on the site for change two

1, duplicate content too much, we can look at the number of words of the site in Qingyang reached 11 times, repeat words keywords a website can reach 11 times the site of the station level as can be imagined.

first we reduce the repetition of words, I think we can start from the deletion of the word Qingyang, if our website keywords are: Longdong University, Qingyang sunshine forum, Gansu on, Qingyang news, friends, shopping, delicacy, education, real estate, furniture, buy, tourism, sachet Festival, hometown of embroidery, paper-cut shadow dance, lotus. This is not the website keywords >

for web site keywords and description of the subtle changes in

! This

is obtained from a website source code, I from this website keywords and description of several problems:

website keyword tag is meta name=" keywords" content=", description tag is < meta name=" description" content=", and these two labels are so important to let Web search engine, setting a good web site keywords and description can help the website to obtain the trust of the search engine, website keywords and here we describe the

found so many problems, here we come to the website keywords and description to make some changes to

3, website keyword words too much, said the site keywords truth so much not only can bring traffic to the site, it will increase the difficulty of optimization site, can be cut some website keywords.

view of a web site

2, the website description is too general, no content will cause the search engine can be said without the slightest attention to innovation, this website is almost a small local forum, you not to blow your character, you also said that at present the most popular Qingyang popular forums, some people will believe



4, the use of punctuation is not correct, I think it should be more optimized using this symbol, use less periods and commas, it will cause the website pause.

a day before I write an article entitled "how do we face the web to subtle changes in the search engine change (a)" article, in the article mainly for the title of the site to do some subtle changes in the way, and today we want to understand is to change website key words and website description in Shanghai, the development of love today, you do not adapt to love Shanghai it can be said is already outdated, let me talk about how well the subtle changes in specific keywords and description of the web site.

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