How to update the content of user experience is the key respect

simple web content, so how to update the website content? The content update is not a difficult thing, do not need too much language, after the words, your site to have a clear understanding of the core content, his ideas and website product advantage to tell the user, and to understand each other, which do not need gorgeous literary talent, as long as you want to say the words clearly can be

website of Shanghai dragon? In fact to this problem is very simple, Shanghai Longfeng optimization objective is through the search engine how to let the user know your site and visit your site, how to let users on your site and precipitation long on your site have a certain dependence of. Promotion is very important, to draw people to retain people is more important, this is the content of the website’s most important role, provide valuable content to allow the user to reside.

to attract users of content can be divided into three aspects, one is of interest to the user, is two, three is to meet a certain function to attract interest demand. Every day there are hundreds of millions of people in the Internet, we do not have to worry about no one knows you, the key to your website can give users what kind of value content of interest.

of course, although we like the same vernacular update website content, also can not talk nonsense. We need to focus on the target user, we should first make it clear that the content of the web site is to see who, what topics will arouse their interest, which involves the update of what content. All related to the user, the user is interested in the content, we can serve as a point of interest to the user, these problems can communicate through love, know Shanghai and old customers, the people around, not beat their heads to come out, only in constant communication in order to produce the spark of wisdom, the content of the article when it comes to the user’s heart.

We illustrate the importance of

in the website content planning, should not expect some very creative ideas, the user experience is a process of accumulation slowly, do not deliberately go to extremes and forget their own content to the user, what is the key content updates has always been clear, do not deviate from the theme. Of course, early have a goal, it is best to have a detailed content update plan book, because, in the update, it is easy to occur, so the phenomenon of brain drain, website content update.

What is the purpose of optimizing the

what is the chicken or the egg, this problem has been in suspense. In the website promotion activities, also has the same problem, is to do the chain or do content, in fact, no matter what you do, are very important! In more and more attention to the customer experience at the same time, content rich sites not only let users love the original content, regular updates, search engines love often visit the site, before leaving to take a picture, this is the love of Shanghai daily snapshot every webmaster dream of things, so, website content is updated daily site work in the important thing, do not be of two minds!


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