The depth of excavation for Shanghai Longfeng keyword

again: regional development keywords, regional development, is nothing more than a place where + + + keywords, keyword features, these are places that should pay attention to, if the derivative down, then all.

long tail keywords, one of the most simple statement, in addition to home is beyond all words, will be called the long tail keyword. So what is the key to the existence of these long tail keywords? General long tail keywords are present in the page or the content page, in the title, these words, you may not care, so these are the others search, long tail key secret is fine, the key is to explore every minute point correlation, create flow.

again: you know, long tail keywords is infinite, and the above mentioned are some index, love Shanghai and tools to the statistical data, however, you have to think of is the most subtle words, and these words come? On one hand through a love of Shanghai know. Through the love of Shanghai Post Bar, many people see how to ask questions, to see how others posting, then according to the problem solving and post title play, it will have more and more words belong to you, after all, love is a circle of Shanghai, which is basically what has, it will certainly be around better effect.

: then another point, that is to use some tools such as the website, now love Shanghai index, but now I always don’t find love Shanghai index how, what can be visualized, after all the keywords is still relatively small, recently my website is through love and bole Webmaster Tools query station keyword query, and so are some very deep mining the meaning of the following screenshot, just look at the results, if there is a friend who wants to find key words, or a lot of use of these tools.

: first, when a thinking expansion, the theme of the site came out, we must consider the site expanded, and the extension of the first point is the idea of derivative, so how to feel derivative, the best keyword list, followed by promotion, such as diesel generators, diesel generator manufacturers. Manufacturer of diesel generator, where diesel generator, diesel generator brand, and so on, these long tail keywords, and these ideas in the end, you will pass a keyword extended again, this is the meaning of long tail keywords, and another one ring.

long tail keywords, this is a great feeling of the topic, remember that I just do the site, find some very valuable keywords, so, when you want to start a website, especially when the deep meaning of their own website theme, it must be through these subject to dig out more keywords to add to your site, so your site is the most traffic promotion. Now the author according to their own ideas to find the key.

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