Shanghai Google webmaster love draw further apart where 6 27 update analysis

showed that the phenomena of the action before the end of love in Shanghai. At present, can be found in the following:

in doubt, while searching for several other stations on your hand. That noble baby, do the chain website, the PR value increased; the basic stop several website updating and maintenance, the PR value fell to 0. Love Shanghai, through the acquisition of the site, although the data can be updated every day, but included decreased greatly, the most serious one by tens of thousands to hundreds of fall directly; and of the above mentioned stop updating maintenance station in Shanghai on the number of love included and not much change.

is not a normal phenomenonThe results showed that the number of

can be seen in June 27th this update, Google and Shanghai love weight orientation at present is draw further apart. Google remains the choice of a heavy chain, the weight update; love Shanghai more emphasis on.

the evening of June 27th, as usual, continue to pay attention to their own website to change. Suddenly, the PR from 0 to 3, noble baby update PR! Happy not to a few seconds, that number included love Shanghai dropped to less than half of the original. Suddenly just joy and love after all Shanghai brought considerable traffic or noble than baby. To check the web page, some important keywords ranking, but fortunately it has not decreased. But there is still a little worried, do not know how to love Shanghai next will have.

love Shanghai and Google choice at the same time, such a big update, it is rare. Are selected in the July 1 "before the gift, is also a time Public opinions are divergent. But to say that this particular point in time, two sites are hot and cold, is estimated to have many webmaster with emotion. It also says that the action for the noble love Shanghai baby update PR to let everyone on PR, don’t neglect the love the existence of Shanghai, seems to give the webmaster to prove their status. Personally think that the two sites chosen at the same time, do not rule out the possibility of a party and another party to do. But in the update data both in principle, who did not want to drop their jobs, are unlikely to be simply regarded as merely to reason and other anti phase.

these phenomena can be understood as "love Shanghai and continue to exhaust". This is not without precedent, especially recently this phenomenon is quite frequent. And may the majority of owners are willing to temporarily exhaust. Return to reality, the author’s analysis, the love of Shanghai, primarily to the content of the original degree. The above phenomenon, may be a high degree of duplication of content, are not displayed. We love the movement of Shanghai, believes that many webmaster speculation and anxious waiting.

2. in some cases, site search results than site keyword search results less. than the site statistical results far less. The results show a lot of website site, only less than one page.

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