Prediction of several links will disappear in the future

said Every dog has its day! Sex, and several popular Shanghai ranked way will be with the improved algorithm disappeared. You might say a ruler, one upmanship, improved search engine technology will not follow the webmaster of opportunistic behavior, do not wrong. But the love of Shanghai will make you more and more There is no way in. we assume a sound legal system, the state, you may rarely see theft, robbery and other acts, so love Shanghai algorithm is the same, it will be through a tangible or intangible law to stop some of your behavior, the key is when you are being punished you have to hard to find the reason, stand being in prison who fell in love with the customs bitter day.

future love Shanghai will become more and more humane and fair, the user, the collection and the black hat is so rampant, because love Shanghai itself there are also technical aspects lag and defects. Even in the future soon, you will see those crazy posting replies, crazy purchase link behavior has become Shanghai dragon circles of history, so what behavior will disappear, the author only several bold prediction link mode will disappear in the future.

This type of

is mainly aimed at the forum, blog, although how high your originality, though still love Shanghai and as you as in the past included a part of the chain, but it has not produced the number of qualitative change. I guess love Shanghai will reduce the role of the forum and blog ranking and other forms of the chain, because the two forms of low threshold, let the owners often hang in a tree.

two: Shanghai love their products transfer to reduce weight:

three: the same site transfer weight down:


: Links gap:

did not say first love has swept Shanghai know the chain, now still fall over each other to love Shanghai station, Shanghai Post Bar love experience, love Shanghai library links, in addition to including the webmaster cute love Shanghai encyclopedia, is a "golden chain". Although Shanghai is a treasure of love, but love in Shanghai after the chain of their products, including Shanghai and other products for love share transfer function will greatly discount the weight, even no effect. The reason is because these products have become the advertising and the chain webmaster base, not only damage the image of the enterprise itself, but also hindered the Shanghai dragon is the principle of fair competition.

said the gap here includes two aspects: one is the weight of two Links the difference is too large, the other is a number of import and export Links is too large. Assuming a high weight of the site Links points to a low weight website, a website of the outbound links or less import links will have too big gap. These two phenomena will be love Shanghai that is buying links, link farms, Cleverness may overreach itself., even these Links not only to transfer any weight function, may also harm their own health.

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