See the business circle keyword ranking from onlookers

webmaster circle very big fire electric business circle game, electric district in Shanghai in the keyword index also rose a lot, the game is wise, benevolent see things, a lot of horse of Shanghai dragon occurred during the game, love Shanghai related search box, love Shanghai related to the search term, the most sensational is the Kkk103 business circle, though related tools brush up, but also to improve the keywords ranking. Look at the business circle keywords ranking from a spectator’s point of view, what is the

second: do not change the keywords at random. The electricity supplier competition is coming to an end, a strange phenomenon during this period also appeared many, KKK103 station use brush the drop-down box and relevant search, the master also accounted for a very long time in the first place. The webmaster to look at other people’s words in the home page of the first, keywords look at other people’s good, I also want to take light, many owners changed their keywords during the game, also appeared in their own keywords KKK10 electric district of such words, perhaps with someone else’s light, electricity consumption are also some Adsense keywords after a few pages from the ran home, but this situation can not keep long. Why is this? This is indeed the keywords kkk103 business circle do go up, but the beginning of KKK103 domain is related to KKK103, affect the domain name to the search engine. I think everyone should know, you put your key words into someone else’s domain name, it is unnecessary to help others improve at the same time their random search volume, change keywords, will only be unfriendly to search engines.

third: website content and related keywords. To see the business circle rankings this morning, the site kkk103 ranking is not, and is ranked first in the old Chen’s blog, Mr. Chen’s blog has been ranking is relatively stable, the content of each old Chen is the business and the related. And look at the KKK103 station is linked to the District of electrical images, is a business station, do not have too much content, is very unfavorable compared to this and the user experience, the quality of the site’s content and keywords ranking is also complementary to each other, the search engine is very important for site content, no high quality content sites sooner or later, will be the search engine K station. So do the key.

after title.

: the first replacement site keywords. From the start of the day, the webmaster to site keywords gradually replaced the website title to replace the electric district, or long tail keywords plus electric district, key words and the sites of keyword and description to set the business and related, so the search engine more easy to grab your site content. At the same time to participate in the competition of the site so much, want to have a good ranking, the replacement of keywords to be a reasonable distribution of keywords, but also to add long tail keywords to optimize. Keywords repair after may be affected, but the webmaster website search engine to deal with the change of


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