The website of Shanghai dragon can not share love Shanghai cheese

1, enterprise website to Shanghai dragon optimization and SEM marketing (love Shanghai PPC) combine together. For the popular words, search engine optimization Shanghai Longfeng input-output ratio ROI may promote PPC higher than the love of Shanghai. Because the hot words in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is difficult, time consuming and not strong controllability, and the click rate is not high.

for a series of adjustments to love Shanghai recently, including the webmaster tools upgrade, Sitelink and ICP for information display (recently Sitelink offline) or with 360 search launched a strong relationship. Fujian Shanghai Longfeng guess 360 search for love Shanghai launched promotion search results;

in view of this situation, put forward two proposals of Shanghai Longfeng advisory service team:

to show the form of love When the

brand promotion would not have said, basically some has formed a high index brand word big enterprise display. The recent Fujian Shanghai dragon found industry keywords PPC also has the form of pictures displayed in the right side, the left part of the site and also show the ICO icon, telephone and other train for a few small industries show business website (mainly is to have a good relationship with the love of Shanghai enterprise website), the user click on the option to say is a powerful the temptation. And whether full screen promotion links, plus the extra "lace news", to do business in Shanghai Longfeng site basically can only drink the northwest wind.

, a Shanghai natural ranking position out of love

two, Shanghai to promote the diversification of

search through popular keywords in some industries will find that sometimes the first screen will be extended fully occupied, and the right vertical promotion website. While ordinary users basically can’t distinguish between advertising and natural search results, which basically no website traffic Shanghai dragon a cup of soup.

2, open the website of the long tail word optimization strategy, can through some tools such as Shanghai Dragon Mining, now love Shanghai webmaster tools is good. The relative core keywords, competition is smaller site long tail word, and a very wide range of options, and can effectively avoid the love of Shanghai to promote PPC, in addition to search into the long tail word rate may not be lost to the core keyword in customer.

site did not rank, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners anxious; finally the ranking, but found the site traffic at Shanghai Longfeng scanty, search engine optimization limitations is manifested…… Shanghai Longfeng consultants through long-term research and analysis of data found that web traffic from search engines love Shanghai more and less to the natural ranking. Some of the industry’s corporate website ranking is good, there are a number of core keyword ranking in Shanghai love home, but natural search traffic with keyword index was not equal, scanty traffic get, why not share the website of Shanghai Longfeng love Shanghai cheese? And Shanghai dragon yiyidaolai consultant.

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