The new station to make love in Shanghai included the

. Love Shanghai there is a certain audit period of railway station. Love Shanghai to the railway station, the inspection process in about 1-3 months. This period is the webmaster optimization of the critical period, if the early can not let love Shanghai love their own website, may optimize the journey in the future will be many detours, and now if can let love Shanghai frequently grab, after the optimization will be much easier.

although we make a site with some high quality articles, this article also has an amount of. A new beginning to add too much or too little information has influence on the inclusion and ranking, need to moderate. The general business station about the dozens of can, and information station or the forum about 100 enough, after Shanghai began to love in the website you can add regular articles. Love Shanghai has a collection of restrictions on every website, the website information is not included in the Shanghai some love is a normal phenomenon, do not worry about this new adsense.

want to make a good website optimization, early don’t collected in the network or pseudo original, this is not very friendly to love Shanghai, love Shanghai even included the site’s article, but if you have been collecting or false original, website ranking will not be very good, but due to the web site the foundation did not do a good job, the development is also very difficult.

early new layout is very important, before some sites at the initial stage due to quickly was collected, the label set will submit to love Shanghai, what did not add internal content. Although Shanghai is indeed the love website included, but the new articles have not been included. Not to mention the site ranking.

wanted to make love Shanghai fast included the webmaster to do a series of internal website optimization, simplify the code, to strengthen the quality of the best, don’t do anchor text links, do some interactive and other sites, then the appropriate release some outside the chain, attract spider crawling. Of course, we need to do is to give a site map, let the spider to crawl the site through the map information quickly. Continue to do so, such as spiders have a grasping rules, after the articles included is very simple.

website optimization, in addition to good method, is to persevere perseverance and efforts, between the site not overnight can do good, it needs our method and execution, in addition to the settling time, for users, a good website content must be rich, good user experience is the webmaster need to pay attention to the.

?We need to understand the love of Shanghai to the new attitude before

for the novice webmaster, will be a lot easier to do an old station, we only need to send some high quality articles and the chain can bring good rankings. While doing a new ranking will be very difficult, when we set good website three labels, after setting up the website development direction, first of all you need to love Shanghai website article? Website rankings and included there is a certain correlation, how to make love Shanghai fast included new article

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