Xinger how to solve the website snapshot not update problem


Xinger is love "enemy we can" this sentence, to solve the website snapshot not update the primary task is to find out the reasons for timely to the update site snapshot. Influence the website snapshot update slow generally: 1, site title recently made modifications, if the site weight low just modify the title so your site is to send the "guillotine"; 2, the site environment, also is the web server or virtual host speed and stability, the stability is not good or slow access speed directly affects the speed and grab spider, spider every time the door there is no harvest would seriously discourage the enthusiasm of the door again; 3, update frequency, can guarantee the spider crawling time can grab fresh food, so the timing quantitative update the content the article is very necessary. Don’t update dozens out of spirits was prompted by a sudden impulse, dozens of days not updated; the quality of 4, from the import Links links, if Links in individual sites by K will directly affect their own website.

website snapshot not update solution

website snapshot not update.

website snapshot not update can reflect a site is the frequency of the spider crawling from the side, you can put the weight of the website or not. I believe many of my friends have had the website snapshot not update the situation, like the business circle xing’er blog: as every two days between website snapshot overnight and then, how to solve the website snapshot not update

why can not update the snapshot site next to an antidote against the disease. Do not modify the site title to determine if you want to modify, must do a good job ready and remedial measures; if found their website access speed decreased and the total appear sites open to replace the server or virtual host in a timely manner, Xinger advice is not because of the small loss, the biggest loss is their final. With the development of IDC industry and the growing ranks of the host server, are relatively inexpensive; the good habit of daily timing quantitative update website pages, one must have a reasonable rest living habits, and is a web site and a spider? Develop often watch their friendship link the habit, if found to be K, and the other to explain the situation immediately after it first removed from the chain, to implicate, do not pay attention to not say secretly withdrawn, this is immoral.

is more than Xinger and share some of the most common web site can not update the snapshot of the problem and the solution, of course with the reason of development more and more search engines will lead to more timely snapshot website, if you have other findings and welcome and all learning and discussion. The website snapshot also can reflect the website ranking from the side, so the website snapshot snapshot not update is not apparent problems. Xinger front also published an article about how to do Shanghai ranking optimization in the blog article, interested friends can see.

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