What is the 404 error detailed 404 page optimization and production

1) 404 pages do not automatically jump back to the home page. Otherwise it will be regarded as cheating in search engine.

404 -404 error is how errors occur? 404 error is due to a client or search engine spiders access to a web site page does not exist. Under normal circumstances, the site space server will return a 404 error page prompts.


404 error, detailed 404 page optimization and production

need to pay attention to what the problem? ? What is the

if the log on the website, found that a large number of code 404. We should analyze what causes. If it is left when the spiders crawl, there should be no dead link check website. And the dead link is deleted.

404 page after the production, HTML file will be uploaded to the site root directory.

The path to

3, 404 pages

2) 404 pages with the best home page and important column links, and guide customers to return normal website page. It is very beneficial to the customer experience.

normally, web server has 404 page default. But the default page 404 in the face of search engine and user friendly enough. So from the standpoint of website optimization, should make a personalized page 404.

What is the

finally set the 404 pages in the website space background. Note that the 404 page setting is the background on the site space, rather than the background program.


2, 404 pages of how to optimize the

1, log on the website, if found 404 code tips, how to deal with

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