The prospects of the development of Shanghai dragon industry where

. To improve their own technology and Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon

The author is engaged in

has a very good Shanghai Dragon Technology in have a good idea of Shanghai dragon also need the webmaster friends all know to do a station optimization to optimize its structure, a good Shanghai Dragon technology requires on structure optimization, can.

with the development of science and technology progress of the society as early as a few years ago is the era of information explosion, the continuous development of Internet technology has brought people’s thinking into the early twenty-first Century of the Internet era, a symbol of Chinese and global Alibaba with a great reputation is the most significant, can be said that the Alibaba is thought by one of the leading people change the traditional shopping online shopping channel bridge and online payment. More and more segments in its market development of today’s Internet boom style, as far as I know now engaged in Shanghai Longfeng industry work and many personal webmaster, it also saw the market prospects for a lot of IT training institutions, led to the current market for training Shanghai dragon and SEM rapid development of educational institutions.

in the Shanghai dragon industry since many webmaster especially novice webmaster in the future Shanghai dragon is still in the hazy state, in today the author with the webmaster friends together to share my views on Shanghai dragon industry prospects, in these views only represent the author’s thoughts, such as unreasonable welcome you again that together for climbing, this is the author of qq:271629493 < welcome to add to discuss the exchange of words indicate the name + overtime Shanghai dragon >.

I have always thought that no matter what kind of core industry should grasp the industry, it can be in an invincible position, especially in the Internet industry, we all know the Internet is a very fast update of an industry must at all times to the attention of the industry and to understand how to keep up with its development, to grasp the moment the development trend, the author believes that before the first to have a ready to grasp the dynamic industry thought it important to its. As it is now engaged in Shanghai dragon industry each stationmaster friends all know to the master under the search engine algorithm to talk about the optimization strategy, if one does not understand or on the search engine algorithm to trace the rules do not understand the algorithm, the optimization strategy is likely to do is a failure in the implementation of strategy in the process, because the search engine algorithm is constantly changing, as far as I know the year of the Google algorithm change 500-600 "which also included some fine-tuning" algorithm, in general search engine algorithm is one such rule "including have minor changes love Shanghai" every day, a week once again slightly larger changes, each month will have a big change, search engines and so on to continuously improve its product search, so on the basis of all out Follow up the idea of change so as to have a more conducive to the strategy optimization, in order to have a better optimization direction, to avoid the search engine algorithm.

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