WeChat Shanghai dragon drainage optimization tools indispensable

is a new mode of drainage site optimization in the era of network economy and a micro-blog mobile terminal development. I referred to as micro drainage. WeChat has no distance limit, registered users of WeChat, and around the same registered "friends" to form a connection, users subscribe to the information they need, businesses by providing information, promote their own websites and web pages, so as to realize the point-to-point communication. The user clicks to optimize the website ranking method.



6 day, statistics of user files


3, the team every day with their own micro signal add friends, promotion and promotion of WeChat and the subscription number of two-dimensional code

public subscription number: lianle mattress

link 贵族宝贝mp.weixin.qq贵族宝贝/s? __biz=MjM5MzA0OTQ1OQ==& mid=200496563& idx=1& sn=e5e3cd2a747d3be428fc6e64dae6317e

2, registered a WeChat Home Furnishing information subscription number (WeChat subscription number is registered to the audit for a period of time)

group 1, each registered a micro signal (can be set to a female gender,


in the chain is more and more low, website optimization needs a new optimization model, and the major search engines to pay more attention to the user experience on the site, so do the micro drainage, to close the exchange and interaction between users, better reach the user experience, and to promote and achieve in the website the search engine ranking objective.

The premise of

function extension of

5, the use of


The case analysis of


PU foam furniture

7, subscription number once approved, through the activities to increase the subscription number attention number. (such as a circle of friends issued "attention and forwarding" send samples or small packaged goods. The number of public concern WeChat reply to his name and hand.



4, add micro ring and create micro ring

analysis: This article page, without any link station link outside the station and the entire page, two-dimensional code only an excuse is a subscription number. This page ranking in a short time to love Shanghai home, recently took home fifth without a link interface any page, a short time to do keyword page, and the keywords or our maintenance. I can only use a reason that clicks, click on the amount of mobile terminal. May be to promote their own articles to point through WeChat, just the name is very concerned about.

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