With the new interpretation of the myth of Shanghai dragon burst

rational and mature Shanghai dragon may need to search such a dangerous situation of baptism, the myth was shattered so quickly, small series can be trapped inside from the external interpretation.

2, the myth of internal

what Shanghai dragon really end

let us restore the 2012 this year to Shanghai dragon myth shattered.

, the Shanghai dragon word foreign goods from him a landing platform for domestic search market may be too much mystery as everyone, seems to do a web site of the Shanghai dragon can want to wind, rain in the rain. But as 2012 of the domestic group purchase website burst, Shanghai dragon and Phoenix myth shattered in Shanghai all-powerful in love. 2012 to Shanghai dragon myth hit a time mark, and the brand new burst.


buyer too obsessed with Shanghai dragon, dragon believes that Shanghai can give the website in the search market precise marketing, even if the buyer later realized only to the website ranking does not bring what, but still believe that the huge commercial Shanghai dragon role that Shanghai dragon can give site bring huge profit space.

at the end of 2011, Google launched a series of pandas, penguins, blow the low quality website algorithm to update the prelude to love Shanghai forever is the Google algorithm change loyalists, love Shanghai hit the Web2.0 website, the website hit cheating vulgar content, collection, copy, blow link, upgrade, upgrade the content of algorithm hyperlink algorithm etc.. The total effect, measures can be said to 90% websites, especially personal Adsense especially.

1, shattered external

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what is how to position themselves in the look as a seller of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners. Promotion Commissioner, the Commissioner of the chain, the writer, website building division, news editing, product designers, these should be most can include Shanghai Longfeng practitioners role. Single positioning these characters become a trapped inside one of the Shanghai dragon myth shattered.

social media abroad Daxing, the myth of Facebook, renren贵族宝贝, net friend domestic high popularity, making the search engine to update its right close, this inevitably affect the traditional mode of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon pattern although also in hard since I changed, but still can not escape the natural hair outside the chain, write some articles on the use is not essential, Showtime social media tools, social network and so on, little hair. But these can not fundamentally solve the problem of Shanghai dragon can not keep up the pace of development of high-speed search market facts.

we all know that an industry to the rapid development of employees is the basis of progress. Whether it is the Prime Minister of Shanghai Longfeng the buyer or the seller has deviation embarrassing point.

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