2012 Shanghai love the new algorithm analysis

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on the evening of 26, Baidu convulsions, I believe we all know, many large and small stations have suffered varying degrees of combat, I do site, after adjustment of 26 Baidu, many of my words are off, traffic is not to one thousand. In many webmaster group to see everyone in the discussion, many people complain, the data are dropped; face update Shanghai do not know how to face the Dragon Er adjustment, now almost a week, my own analysis, analysis of the following short, everyone exchanges;

6, review the new time is longer, more stringent audit, we can see that the degree of trust Baidu to the railway station is reduced, in less than half a year of new sites keywords ranking floating is relatively large, the old station will be relatively stable;


7, reduce the influence of website, may after revision will fall right and be K before, now in most cases only by a certain time of the revised website drop right, performance >

4, Baidu foreign chain is very important, care about its quality and stability, the long-term stability of high quality of the chain will win Baidu points, Baidu of blog and forum signature weight decreased, some of the black chain, chain link, refuse to buy short-term, love here in Shanghai increase the intensity of combat, serious cases will hang up the charges; when it comes to the chain, it is recommended that you increase the high quality of the chain, SNS chain and micro-blog chain quality now is relatively high, of course, will be included for the Tencent and Sina certified micro-blog can be love Shanghai included, ordinary users of micro-blog Sohu love can also be included in Shanghai;


2, second is more significant and visible, improve the portal of Shanghai love weight, some cases of large portals, some medium-sized local portal, improve the very big adjustment;

5. is love Shanghai for dynamic page site more love, not naive depends on that some rules for the pure static station to exclude. In this regard, we will slowly find that in a few months, pseudo static isn’t so popular.

3, Baidu more and more love website, the content is of practical significance for the original thing, no matter big station station as long as the quality is good, the original high, will be Baidu favor, will naturally win better weight and flow;

has been Baidu of their products as a child, this adjustment has become spoiled, greatly improve myself love Shanghai product weight, such as love, love Shanghai, Shanghai know that Wikipedia love Shanghai library, love Shanghai love video files and images of Shanghai Baidu constantly improve their… The weight, let them get more traffic, causing the webmaster flow as can be imagined to be cut points, you can go to look at Baidu children, especially some new born, will give us some inspiration.

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