Don’t let the weight of dispersion How to use the canonical tag of non standard optimization

of a group of identical or highly similar ", through the use of the canonical tag can tell the search engines what page to regulate", to regulate the URL and avoid the search results appear more content with the same or similar pages, help included problem solving repetitive content, repeated display and avoid the same weight content site the weight, so as to enhance the standard of "the optimization rules for web page ranking.

long ago, love Shanghai often received a large number of webmaster complaints and reflect, the content for the website content is included, there are often second pages of content pages as the main page in the rankings, but always ranked the first page. Just imagine, if users often search when some words to see the display results page is second pages instead of the first page, the user will have what kind of ideas? Of course, who do not want the user to click on the second page, and then click on the first page second page from inside."


canonical tag, I believe that many webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er has been well known and applied, but why I write this article today? There is a reason, otherwise I would not put such a knowledge point out to share a commonplace talk of an old scholar to the webmaster, especially those who do not understand canonical Tag Optimization webmaster. So, perhaps the reason is this: some owners asked me the optimization problem of canonical tags, so I direct the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform official document issued to them, but the problem comes, they look after not really understand how to use the label, then began to ask me, I do have a little trouble the. So, today wrote this article. To understand it please pass, do not understand it, continue to read the content.



head link> created in the non formal web page


this is a case, search after only second pages, the first page ranking but if it Not the least trace was found., long-term, and users are not satisfied with the owners. So, later love Shanghai began to support the canonical label in early 2013, after a lot of support through the head tag to solve this problem. In addition, fourth senior ZAC teacher training with Shanghai Longfeng told this label, it can use this tag to cheat, but not now, that we can get to know you, here not elaborate.


The following is the text read:

picture 1

then, look at the canonical label use:

first, look at the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform canonical Tags:

simple example, love why Shanghai supports canonical Tags:

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