Love Shanghai algorithm further mature image display function improved

everyone should have the same feeling, changes this year, love Shanghai is too big, others do not say, went straight to the theme of today, love Shanghai pictures, a few months ago, love Shanghai in the search results display introduced the image display function, the algorithm also just launched, no further mature, so we first see is some search results show marked the text of two words, two words and text color and font description of other colors are not the same, and the other is out of the ordinary, so the benefits is to increase the click rate of it is inevitable, but this should be love Shanghai pictures the function of preview, then love Shanghai slowly in the long tail word Guan Jian launched a direct display pictures of the search results, of course, this time still pictures and pictures in parallel, But the picture is generally appear on page second, in the home of Guan Jian and core word basically is to see, since it is the test well, so that is in the improvement and progress of this work, happy to see that, through their own search and chat with everyone in the QQ group discussion of this thing.

we can see that the three week average index index, but the bottom is 160 or so, and then look at the Guan Jian word love Shanghai included the number as high as 9 million, these data can be roughly speculated that this is a moderately difficult word that Guan Jian, Guan Jian words such as spray painting machine is more difficult to optimize.

below I to printer Guan Jian as an example to explain this word, we love Shanghai first through the webmaster tools look at the printer of the index analysis of Guan Jian’s Ci love Shanghai index


Now the In this paper,

image display function estimation algorithm has been basically mature, and now all the home to Guan Jian and core words, optimization ideas can be changed, we are now pondering this, some people are pondering how to make their information has such a picture show, I can only say that this part of people do not have good consciousness, because according to the observation, as long as you picture content, it is possible to get such a chance, do not need special treatment, and some people are pondering how to make good use of the image function, since the launch of the image display function, then we have to do something in the article the picture, you may believe before is just to get a picture, now is not the same, the picture has become a showcase the company’s image of a window, the picture should be The more beautiful than before, and the picture can also leave some product features and contact, let users because you pictures of the chic phase in your company, so as to obtain opportunities, changes in the first algorithm to love Shanghai, is an opportunity for us, I hope you make good use of.

from Shanghai docan Tech Co. Ltd., UV flatbed printer: 贵族宝贝 A5 first.

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