How to optimize the content will be the best gift for the user experience website

, a station in the article to the original

then as a webmaster is in addition to optimize the user experience, who did not want to let the user to see after your site is without any help to the user some things, especially there are a lot of garbage and advertisement block some websites, this kind of website not only can not give the user experience will cause some shadow to the user, allowing users to not come back next time your site. In fact, everything is in order to after all is said and done the website user experience. The author in this two years has been responsible for optimization of the website of the plush gifts, the most important is to use the experience, especially the gift website, want to win more customers to make the user experience is a must, but also try to buy gifts to customers to create user experience. Here with you a simple talk about how to optimize the content will have the best experience for the user gifts website.

website optimization webmaster should know, a mall type web site to rapid development does not depend on the optimization of website can do, but the user experience of the website can be best developed in the shortest time, and love Shanghai has been paid attention to this aspect. Until now, many sites are because of the lack of user experience in K station, from the traditional enterprise to personal website to website, every site on the user experience, what is the user experience? Said the simple point is the user through the search engine came to your site where you can see the user to want to see the contents of the contents of the user are helpful, this is the user experience.

station, the article to the original, this is a must, we all know now love Shanghai spark plan has been implemented, which also represents the degree of how the original web content, in fact, from the search engine can be seen on many websites with text and time words, such a kind of love Shanghai will give priority to the benefits, this is also known as the original content, fall in love with the sea will be the first time identified, then the original content of the benefits that can be used to read the content similarity does not feel content and other sites, and give the user a feeling of the one and only.

example: after the user came to the plush gift site saw an article about the doll bear gifts, this article is the author of the original, there is no other website, so users will think this article is of great help to him, if this introductory article and his bear doll the content of the web site have great similarity, the user will feel what not help themselves, but will continue to search for other content, so the station must be in the original.

station to do natural writing, this is also very important, what is the nature of writing? It just write out the article, like primary school writing as smooth write articles, don’t pay too much attention to key words. "

two, the station should be natural writing

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