Different personalities how to learn Shanghai Dragon


The biggest characteristic of Yong Analects; head painThe biggest characteristic of

third: don’t spend

second: throw their root

Shanghai dragon how to learn? Is often seen and heard the topic, but people always repeat to ask this question, why? Before the answer does not make a positive answer, are general details. Today the author from several different personalities, to share learning methods and learning the Shanghai dragon, the pros and cons of:

advantage: "Shanghai dragon book" the thin, easy to read, not what pressure, content sharing examples, come straight to the point,

: a word or two, not to understand the shortcomings of Shanghai Longfeng optimization process.

Changes in the

advantages: Graphic and.

disadvantages: most understand part of the operation, no solid foundation

first class: impetuous type

quick! The biggest characteristic of this kind of person is: Disadvantages: relatively slow ! Above

of all asked the reason, love found, also love to explore issues. I think this kind of person "Shanghai dragon combat code" for various operations, the meet this kind of person’s curiosity, more easily grasp Shanghai dragon skills.

environment, the character of the people change, impetuous became a common social phenomenon, also is a popular character. Of course, it is manifested in the lack of patience, eager to get results. Most bosses will have such a mentality, so many had just been awarded the Shanghai dragon specialist, do not understand Shanghai Dragon Technology Specialist, like ants on a hot pan, eager to quickly grasp Shanghai Longfeng method. Watch the video apparently not the patience, the forum has no instance operation, so, I think this kind of person, "Shanghai dragon magic book" is very suitable, how are you going to call come straight to the point, modifying and optimizing the internal site. You can quickly master the Shanghai dragon station optimization.

this kind of person is not willing to spend money for knowledge, this kind of person what attracted him most, that is free, this kind of learning Shanghai Longfeng, only from the network, such as the Admin5 forum, Shanghai dragon why forum, do not spend money, but cover and contain everything.

fourth: see

advantages: no money.

this kind of person, see the book, forums, information as long as there are words, there is no patience. This kind of person the best way to learn is to go to the Shanghai dragon training, such as the Admin5 Shanghai dragon training Shanghai dragon training institutions, this way is the most suitable for graphic audio. And to learn something

, can also; people may not be announced. < >


has a solid foundation of knowledge, understand the whole process and method of operation of the Shanghai dragon.

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