Chen Europe and the United States lost track wearing amamori and Liu Huipu have leftGG bans the use

      arbitrage is refers to the site, mainly through the on-line advertisement to get traffic, this site is not usually directly to shlf1314 and Adsense on the establishment, but to advertise online to get traffic in order to improve the site shlf1314 Adsense to earn advertising revenue, through the way of difference.

by the end of July 14th, jumei’s share price is over $2, the market value of only $three hundred million out of the two numbers compared to 2014 after the listing of the 39.45 flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum and $5 billion 780 million, has shrunk by 95%.

Primary School Mathematical Olympiad award, graduated from primary school at the age of 16 and skip reading the first two days; Singapore Nanyang Technology University and got a full scholarship; 2006 fourth and when he was 23 years old in the creation of GGgama gaming platform later renamed Garena, has become the largest overseas gaming platform of 200>;

", business depression quarrel between brothers", the media reported the title such as jumei now.

      before there was scepticism is prohibited to put shlf1314 Adsense by shlf1314 Adwords flow, but now it seems that all online advertising to get traffic to put shlf1314 Adsense promotion can not, whether shlf1314 can be judged by Yahoo or sh419 advertising flow that is another topic.

      this rule focuses on two types of sites:


is more important, the two most important partners in the story of Chen Ou entrepreneurship, co-founder of Dai amamori and senior vice president Liu Huipu was reported to have left jumei, their names still hangs on the jumei website executive sequence.

more than one jumei current or former employees to play PingWest, wearing amamori and Liu Huipu "has indeed left", Dai amamori also went to a well-known angel investment institutions, they do so because there is no response, may also terminate the labor contract law, the name is still the United States executives.

      there is an article in May when Friendly Account Disablement, publisher of shlf1314 account inform those who use Adwords to promote shlf1314 Adsense dedicated advertising will be stopped in June 1st. Received such notification are foreign webmaster, the domestic publisher did not receive the relevant news.

two words, techniques are highly consistent, no division of labor, plus Chen Europe’s own energy, but also began to share a large amount of charging treasure tilt, it is difficult to infer who is now managing the daily business of the United States and the main business.

then, three people in micro-blog drying photos to clarify rumors. In addition, the United States responded that "really see some wear amamori Jumei upstream and downstream industry, belongs to the internal hatch that did not leave, but Liu Huipu in the circle of friends did not leave the United States, in response to" now is the study of new projects around the United States related upstream and downstream, like electric street".

      2, Arbitrage, Sites,

      for now, this is not a complete ban, because MFA is banned, but it’s hard to say whether the sites and pages used specifically to promote them are banned.

June 2014, Chen Ou was questioned resume fraud. Chen Europe since its debut, has been gifted young, elite returnees background story known.


      1, MFA – Made, for, Adsense,

He took a lot of

poly listed in 2014, Chen Europe every once in a while, deep in the vortex of public opinion once.

popular "poly body"

      now shlf1314 Adsense help center has made it clear that it can not use online advertising to promote the advertising, as to whether to continue to allow the promotion dedicated to web sites and there is no formal statement.

      there have been many publishers in the understanding of foreign owners have received e-mail updates, until today I see at the publisher forum to help center documentation updated posts.

can’t climb out of the controversy vortex

May 1st released 20-F annual report documents show that in 2016, jumei’s operating income was 6 billion 280 million yuan, 7 billion 340 million more than in 2015 dropped by more than 1 billion.

so, what’s the matter with Chen ou and the jumei he speaks for himself,

that "I speak for myself" after 80 idol Chen ou, now again suffered public opinion questioned.

 :     that is, those sites and web pages designed specifically for shlf1314 Adsense, some of which are for advertising units, and more for advertising.

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