Don’t put an end to its inferior Shanghai dragon is ultimately a superficial reform

of course I side with this example, from the beginning of the Tao do now, just 2 years time, one of my friends from Japan made thousands to earn only 800 months now, this gap is definitely not for you I can feel, remember that last year he was in the best of spirits said he wanted to buy a house in the city, but this time he obviously didn’t have the clout, in the large-scale K 6.28 stations, 10 stations in his hand is K 6. So he began to publish information, refer to the so-called master, to obtain a more efficient way, so all kinds of God, various wacky practices emerge in an endless stream site is K, the result? The situation has not been resolved, instead lost the best "turn over a new" opportunity, until today still no reply and website ranking.

believes that such a simple example of me in you is not rare, once the Shanghai dragon master have been sacked, love Shanghai more stringent search environment for us a time puzzled, so in this harsh environment, grassroots webmaster how to save it? I want to eliminate their inferiority, is must face something. Because Shanghai dragon is not a purely technical means, and love Shanghai officials also never recognized the legitimacy of Shanghai dragon, the Shanghai dragon and the network environment, I think the webmaster should have a more clear understanding.

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1 encountered many problems to think of ways to solve, rather than quickly turn to others, others may experience than you are rich, but the site of the actual operating environment is different, his experience again strong is your reference, a detailed evaluation according to their website development environment, and ultimately to find his way to save.

20 million not to be used as a tool of Shanghai K station when love comes, I see is not based on the new environment for the development of new owners, but a group has lost his mind to get mad, although my own website is also affected, but I never went to see the malicious click, click on the others because I know and what harm does not love to Shanghai, but we have become some of the most effective tools in the hands of criminals.

the last half year, witnessed the changes China search engine, first love Shanghai has launched several large web site updates, causing many of the grievances, secondly, 360 comprehensive search quietly and slowly climbed up the domestic search engine second throne, coupled with failures, Ali on the light the forum ban rebate, love Shanghai to curb Taobao off again, the quality of the search, in this year’s search industry does not stop, certainly more unrest is our Shanghai dragon practitioners, the past by a simple training can quickly get started optimization industry has now become a hot potato, no one can guarantee how long will reach the rank, no one can guarantee now with the method after being K will not become the source of all worried all day to We describe a little too much.

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