[mobile search] how to make love in Shanghai accurately identify the page type

2. at the top of the page DOCTYPE tag

in sub domain etc.

URL to contain general mobile has become the trend of the name, such as "m./wap./3g./mobi./mobile./mob/wml/", can reflect the

as an important part of the agreement, whether DOCTYPE mobile is also very important to check whether there is mobile related statements, such as the openmobilealliance, xhtml-mobile, xhtml-basic, wapforum, DTD, compact html

after a round of mobile H5 project, have seen a lot of mobile page recognition and optimization of the foreign article, more important is many times and people love Shanghai related dialogue and to solve the problem, I will summarize some of the common HTML identification details of the two part, for the promotion of the mobile search engine recognition, the page is included, so that more the quality flow early, more distributed to their pages.

what does it mean? Simply, intelligent machine in our country not only popular, and has become saturated, mobile dividend will soon depleted. For the website optimization personnel and what it means? The results of speaking, major website did not complete mobile need to mend, the small website to complete mobile imminent.

on Thursday (June 25th), Shanghai love Webmaster Platform public account WeChat whole network first Ctrip Shanghai Longfeng responsible person Qi teacher’s article "front-end code search engine optimization brings efficient recognition of mobile page", the amount of reading high, by readers as "five-star praise the dry cargo". This article is an Qi teacher participated in the training of Hangzhou mobile VIP platform, and its front colleagues in-depth study results, has been highly recognized by the love inside Shanghai Engineer:

1.URL design

create a good user experience mobile phone page is ready, the key goal is to obtain the search engine’s favor, so as to get the accurate user, many websites and mobile PC has two sets of pages, from experience, accurate and efficient search engine recognition not only promotes the mobile page ranking and traffic get on the PC page also has the additional effect of addition.


begins to pick a piece of news "Chinese intelligent mobile phone market in the 6 years is the first negative growth", the paper pointed out: "the IDC report shows that the first quarter of 2015 Chinese mobile phone market shipments of 110 million, down 3.7%. The intelligent mobile phone market shipments of 100 million, down 2.5%. This is the last 6 years, China intelligent mobile phone market in the first quarter fell."

, head tags.

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