After the black June website optimization we decide on what path to follow

solution: delete the web page black hat optimization trace, continue to increase the site, mainly to the original and meaningful articles, but the original must occupy a certain proportion.

3, home is K, but also increase the inside pages included

1, K is completely a page not left

if your website appeared in such a situation, congratulations you than the first good, relatively easy to recover.

in the love of Shanghai anti cheating strategy and data update, resulting in many websites have appeared about several situations:

if you are in such a situation, congratulations on your best love in Shanghai to burn incense and pray for you to release the next update page, or your station will mean from the beginning.


black June after site optimization we must have a lot of people decide on what path to follow, be troubled by this problem.

Hou Yuanwai think the reason is: the content of the website is reproduced or collection.

this is the case of the friends don’t think than several situations above, this situation is not easy to find out the reasons, the recovery is also has a certain degree of difficulty, if the site has been my good treatment management.

is generally the reason for this, all or a large number of copies of any meaningful data website. This website is only in order to obtain the flow, get value through advertising.

the reason for this: most web data from the Internet to find the original live reprint collection, too little and the original cause.

4, web page site: does not increase in the first place and included, but no ranking of

‘s friend will ask why K is not just right down, and included the number increased

the reasons for this situation, should be taken home to part of the black hat optimization technique.

the reason for this should be the Site Title Optimization is excessive, and lead to the high quality web content.

2, only the home page, and site: results and the site title does not match the


solution: as long as you do regular web page title after editing can be submitted to the Shanghai love snapshot complaint snapshot recovery. Of course, you also need to improve the quality of web content, a large number of the original is a recipe for you as soon as possible to restore the site.

solution: to write the essence of meaningful content, removable write modify meaningful data on the Internet, but you must use a formal way, the famous source! To facilitate the search engine to determine the source of data. But must be on a large number of the original.

if this is the case, that the content of your website or have a certain meaning, it is easier to restore the site.

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