Case study how to within 1 months an education network P rose from 66 to 1089

the construction of the chain should be in pursuit of the correlation, the chain Education Forum education network, relatively easy to attract visitors. Do not take from the search engine, considering the target users than pure search engine and the construction of the chain more efficient.

four, Links.

The exchange of

is the education network, so there is a lot of educational resources document. Based on the site to download the document, then add anchor text links the site in the header of the document, to be prominent. Then do anchor text links in the document title, title font as bigger than copy number two. The last is to organize the document to the Shanghai library on love. Of course, love Shanghai library upload audit is one of the techniques, is to have a period of time, the time for the 8:30-10:30 here, the following are some of the library before the upload, these are the next day by the.

, a Shanghai love library using


The first

three, the construction of the chain

is the original site update is also maintained, but the number of updates are not many. The author has doubled in the number of the original update, but this is not a lot, because the original site update is 15 pieces a day, so after a doubling of only 30 pieces a day, the deviation will not be great. The second is the title of the modification, due to the large content of this article is reproduced online, so the title change will at least some role, again is the title of the method to attract users.

Links for keyword rankings have very good results, at the same time enhance the website weight also has a very good effect. May I exchange links are the basic educational site, link and education class site will be relatively better than the ordinary site, so the weight Links exchange for this site increase played a good role.

two, update the content of the skills of


this is the optimization method to the site of the author, in the early stage of IP flow ascension more quickly, the weight of the website also rose better. To improve the speed behind a bit slow down, until now the daily IP also arrived around 1700, but at least still rising. The author will try other means to do optimization, if have what effect to share. The bread.

statement, this site is not new, so the method is not applicable to provide new. At the same time the author also stated that IP is not the software flow out of the brush, from the above PV and the average residence time can also see that this is the real data. Of course, this site is now the daily flow is also only about 1700IP, and did not rise so fast before. The author will share the operation optimization of the education network under

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