A clear understanding of Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai, the need to adhere to, when you are full of confidence to do Shanghai dragon, will know, the original Shanghai dragon is not as easy as you imagine, a month later, after half a year, a year later, you may not make a difference, this time, would you please tell me, will you insist on it. You may not know, a simple keyword, to do a good job ranking, time in about half a year, and a difficult words, at least more than a year’s time, even two or three years, so for a long time, you can really afford it.

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Shanghai dragon needs time, Shanghai Longfeng not everyone thought the way, learning is the need of time Shanghai Longfeng, and not a few months will be able to grasp, want to use the Shanghai dragon in the short term profit is impossible, you probably need a few months time to master the knowledge of Shanghai dragon, about half the time needed to run a a website, and you can not be a hundred percent success, to make a successful one, perfectionism does not exist in reality, I spent more than a year did not earn a penny, and finally even buy space and domain name have no money, and I believe that people do not have the same experience in a few. Please do not expect a few days will be able to master the Shanghai dragon knowledge, but do not expect a few months to be able to earn money, Shanghai Longfeng not so great.

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Shanghai dragon needs to practice, first article has said, you may not be the first to build a successful website, unless it is a blind cat found a dead mouse, you need to practice and try to continue, know what is right, what is not operating, you will encounter a variety of problems, only when you put into practice, you will know that you have a lot of things not learned. But only in practice, you will understand, really very little of what you have learned, and some of it is wrong. Because in addition to optimize Shanghai’s official guide to love, and no official Shanghai dragon tutorial, do any of Shanghai dragon training, are explored through their own experience, at the same time with some network experience, these knowledge can not believe, nor can the whole letter, recommendations or multiple reference guide love Shanghai official.

as a beginner, should be aware of Shanghai dragon, with rational attitude towards. Now there are many in Shanghai dragon training company and the site, in order to money, they put Shanghai Dragon said is too magical, like the Shanghai dragon is equal to anything, but in fact Shanghai dragon is not so magical, but is a kind of exaggerated propaganda. For example there are some training companies, claiming that if participated in their training, you can earn how much, how can, but this is a kind of marketing tactics.

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