Discussion on the practice of Shanghai love is so confusing

on the second day morning, I go to work to see a collection of love Shanghai and Google, the situation is this: love Shanghai included the home page, and Google included several pages, these are considered normal, because it is so, so I started to promote work.

recently, I a new website, were submitted to the Shanghai love with Google, but the actual situation is included and the former railway station is different, so I am very confused. Taobao cosmetics supermarket in 2011.03.10, officially launched successfully, this site is mainly related to the main products, Taobao cosmetics such as weight loss, breast enhancement, acne, whitening, freckle, increased, website content mainly to Taobao products and related articles as the center, the overall framework of the site is fairly clear, part I of the original. It should be said that it is a good site. So, I was in the afternoon to the two major search engines were submitted to the web site, look included.

and Google included as follows:

by Taobao cosmetics supermarket original A5 first, please indicate the

at this time, I am very anxious, why love Shanghai not included ah, I am afraid, afraid to love Shanghai punish my station, and then to search the Internet related issues, only to find love Shanghai search engine has made a lot of adjustments, especially for new sites, friends told me that this is only temporary, as long as do optimization promotion related work every day, love will be included in Shanghai. When my heart was slowly a little better.


but, in the next few days, every day I see included, still love Shanghai not included, and Google only included the part, still have a lot of pages are not included, when my heart is painful. Why, why this is the case, I have been very confused, hope you see me in this article can tell about the cause, thank you! My QQ is 1021360269, I am a novice, is learning, hope you teach it.

I added a few outside the chain, and then add appropriate several related articles, the day of work is done, there is no change to wait for second days. Who knows me second days to check, only to find love Shanghai not included, as follows:

address: 贵族宝贝qiantu123贵族宝贝/


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