Download website noted that the three elements to enhance the user experience be nothing difficult

  now many download sites are used to decorate love pictures or Flash Web interface, we also mentioned above, many sites have been downloaded into the advertising page, if add pictures to decorate the interface, so as can be imagined, the site is open speed will be slow. Now the vast majority of users are 2m bandwidth, pictures and flash too much will cause the user access pressure, so download sites should be a warning.

  now Wangzhuan way has become more and more diversified, with money, click on the ads sell products and services through the Internet and so on. Through the guide users to download software to get profit is a kind of way which is why Wangzhuan, download website was born. But the download site is also not good to do, mainly because the market is very competitive, many webmaster to do stand, but one day there are a few people to download software. This is a very painful thing.

: two.

  (2) the window advertising content as far as possible and the associated website. Select pop ads do not choose the best website and download the software information unrelated to the advertisement, because it might distract the user’s attention, increase your bounce rate, therefore the best choice and the website of the contents of advertisements, and to health up.

  second: reduce the number of page images and flash, enhance the site open speed

  I think we should try to reduce the image and flash to decorate, after all, your site is to guide the user.

pop-up ads

  now many websites to download extra profits, many advertisements will be inserted into the code, which is without rebuke. But the high income of some webmaster to greedy pop-up ads, then insert the three or four pop-up ads fling caution to the winds. As long as the user enters the website, a pop-up disgusting advertisement right away, this is not friendly to the user how ah! I think you can not join the pop-up ads, but also should pay attention to the scientific method, can make the user experience and

  as we download the webmaster should be more similar to Dortmund, Hua Jun download station learning. In fact, their common advantage is: the user experience is good. Now I come to you and simply discuss, as a download site, how to improve the user experience, get the maximum income.

  1: don’t let the sinners be the site of

  (1) make pop ads automatically shut down, and sound off the page. Many websites will choose to download the advertising page open sound, the consequences of doing so is to let the user to open the site more slowly, and to manually turn off the ads, very troublesome. Therefore, in the choice of pop ads must remember to close the page and set the advertising time off the sound.

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