Ali shares Sina micro blog will bring what nformation security in suspense

the custom properties, such as you focus on a commercial micro-blog account or the so-called grassroots large, the micro-blog account released out of the marketing information. In the past these marketing information micro-blog operators rarely intervene now intervention more, for example, these requirements must be involved in the "micro" system, information required by the operator of micro-blog audit, and to participate in profit sharing.

will give us what?

broadcast nature of the promotion, resources are limited, but the coverage is very wide, the theory will cover all micro-blog users. To the user experience, the position is not too much too much. The user will be subject to certain interference, but basically can be controlled in the range of tolerance, do not worry too much about the micro-blog is full of hard advertising. The custom properties of promotion, is almost unlimited resources, depends on what users really concern. If you have never concerned about commercial accounts or grassroots large, should have little access to marketing information. But this situation may be due.

users interact, speech platform, due to the wide audience, powerful and become the vane of public opinion has become an important site for the transfer of positive energy, to guide the public opinion direction. It is also because of such widespread attention, micro-blog also as a marketing channel, has been put on the agenda of strategic marketing, some grassroots large, micro-blog became a celebrity, sometimes these marketing enterprises "scholar". Alibaba shares of sina micro-blog, will make micro-blog marketing has become a naked


often play the micro-blog people will notice, users will be exposed to "marketing information" (may be hard advertising, there may be a relatively soft business, micro-blog pay etc.) is from the two places. The "broadcast" in nature, it is all micro-blog users can see, such as micro-blog input box under the big advertising, on the right side of the "hot topic", the bottom of the page advertising, there is a micro-blog in advertising spots in nature – this part of micro-blog is currently water, occasionally see. Mobile phone terminal open micro-blog will appear after entering a page, this page is currently deployed in advertising. These belong to the broadcast area, directly controlled by the operator of micro-blog.

?Micro-blog is the Sina

recently IT is raging like a storm love Shanghai’s acquisition of PPS, a Alibaba, shares of sina micro-blog and so on, each time integration to bring the industry a lot of vibration. Ali spent nearly $600 million Sina holds a 18% stake in micro-blog, this event broke during the holiday season, the IT ring was boiling, from the user point of view, Ali shares after the Sina micro-blog

as everyone knows, Alibaba is the largest domestic e-commerce enterprises, Sina micro-blog is the largest social networking platform, this combination will bring us what new change? But as or two things are most concerned about the user, micro-blog will not be full of all kinds of sellers in marketing information on micro-blog’s remarks? Not erode commercial power and the lack of independence of neutral

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