A new way of loving love Shanghai Shanghai advertising recommendation


I don’t know why this recommendation from

2012 is Shanghai dragon Er are very hard to force a year, love Shanghai frequent update algorithm, all kinds of fire, right down, K station, can adhere to survive the end of year is not easy, especially small and medium-sized webmasters, but we insist on Shanghai dragon, but don’t let me see hope, especially at the end of World War II 3B in the first quarter of 360 staged, with the continuous bigong search, love Shanghai began the rise of the wolf, is behind the various slobber, discredit, blockade… As a result, the technological innovation has come to a standstill, and rape in the user experience is reaching new recruit. For the love of Shanghai, the grassroots webmaster may be of little importance, commercial mode after all the love of Shanghai decides some special industries and large enterprises it is shaking Qian Shu, therefore, more likely to search 360 small owners some expectations, not subversion, but to seize share, to create a relatively open environment of course, hope can in technological innovation and user experience more effort.

these two days, about 3B at the start of season second war staged 360 search layout gradually completed, the product line has been rolled out, while the technology may still underdeveloped, but already 360 search dotting the platform began to put on, the commercialization of the road seems so smooth, and promised to do the declaration of medical advertisement, to win a lot of users and owners recognized, so love Shanghai second.she, Jinshan Investment aside, phoenix nest system 27 upgrade, need to install a plug-in, only this plug-in is used to test whether the browser is 360, it is unable to enter the promotion background. Forcing advertisers began to abandon the 360 browser, although the 360 started to fight back, but love this trick or play in the Shanghai press forward to the enemy’s capital pain, 360 had bitter shouting out.

now, hope to have the master who can study, give answers. Shanghai love what? Maybe I guess, but I can tucao.

Similar to the recommended information

search keywords, can’t again trigger this recommendation, and I got a medical industry, understand, and find such a recommendation, this can be said to be naked advertising:


this morning in Shanghai and show love view keywords ranking promotion when they see me surprised at the scene, the right advertising position to love Shanghai appeared similar to the recommended information, do not know this information is associated with love Shanghai algorithm update recommendation, or new advertising.

now launched, do not know what is love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, or for 360 commercial new layout, no matter if this is a new advertising position, love Shanghai now every action can arouse great influence, just hope to love.

I have many

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