The value of the masses is undervaluedA novice webmaster from there to Wangzhuan metamorphosis

"before the masses into a certain field, mostly by intuition, action faster than thought, until now, the focus of the masses only truly formed a theoretical, global framework."." Jason find excitement from intuition theory shows between the lines.


I contact Wangzhuan short time, experience is also very simple, nothing more than to do network of migrant workers, and then cheated, then do a Taobao customer. The first thing I do is click on advertising, forums, post and hang up tasks, click and post is time-consuming and time-consuming work, but also very little income, the best time in the world is also 20 dollars. Hang up easily, then only hang a called "sardines" software, open the computer put it on the line, but a large consumption of computer resources, interfere with other tasks, the income is not more than six days, about 2 dollars, even the electricity is not enough. Later, the hang up mission group of friends secretly, I asked if I want "easy to earn 100" tutorial. In his tongue brainwashing, I gave my career for the first time Wangzhuan investment 100 yuan. Who should be very clear, those unknown, spread through the group tutorial is outdated, not operational, sh419 collided a project, I cheated. I found him through , he was honest, gave me 2G tutorials and told me: "change the tutorial, sell tutorials, and make sure you earn 100.". I listened to his words, I also started selling tutorials, began to doubt the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan is 2011 – October, I lie! In order to download the tutorial, accidentally discovered the "grassroots Hermitage a year, to achieve 20 thousand month — the song interview" e-book. When I saw the subject, I sniffed and felt that there were really people on the internet. Earn 20 thousand monthly average earn 700, with learning how to hype the purpose of selling their own tutorials, I opened the ebook. But is this book changed my Wangzhuan career. Every song experience, Taobao customers marketing practices, formal Wangzhuan mentality are deeply shocked me. The book link, I came to where the song one plus one business alliance forum. As Golgi said: I put in the book like a hungry person sees a loaf of bread, in the forum, I learn Wangzhuan like hunger and thirst to knowledge, and through the efforts, I attended the forum second public training kingsuper. From then on, I gave up sell tutorial "Wangzhuan" >

‘s digital media group is to turn the last non digital business, the "frame media," into a digital "framework 2" – upgraded to a liquid crystal screen. In this way, the frame 2 and the public buildings, television, shopping malls, television and other various channels of LCD screen together collectively referred to as "digital outdoor."".

Since the

what company is the Focus Media? If your answer is related to the building’s LCD screen, your mind has lagged behind the front desk operator.


The first step for

is "in the history of the most scaled internal semi annual meeting, the chairman and CEO Jiangnanchun outlined the next focus of the 5 year plan. Then in July 28th, he immediately held Jiangnanchun company front, including all the staff conference call with passion to each employee to convey the company grand vision "- the largest digital media group China".

total left to right: Tan Zhi, Chen Congrong, Jiang, Wu Mingdong, Chen Yan, Ji Hai Rong, Qian Qian

, my Wangzhuan experience – from there to

"if someone asks me what the building TV will be like today, I’m already reluctant to answer."." Jason is implying that if anyone still clutching the TV on, it shows that he did not understand the. Digital outdoor, Internet and wireless are the three carriages of the digital media group, which is expected to account for 35%40% of the total revenue in 2007. At the same time, the former 100% of the LCD vendors to OEM vendors, and now face the orders of many shrinking, has been forced to find new sources.

I am an ordinary staff member, work in the public institutions, work easier, more free time, so the Internet has become a job. No contact Wangzhuan, I can only chat online, play games, do not know how to go to the station at the time, what is CPA, what is the Taobao customer. Simple work and long hours of surfing make me feel mentally empty and often upset and have the idea of doing sideline work. But there was no way, and these ideas were grounded. One day, I as usual open web games, no opinion to see "the title click earning large quantities of gold each day attracted my attention.". The idea was simple: it would be better to try such an easy way of making money all day long. In this way, I take the road to the internet.

July 20, 2007 is destined to be another important moment in the history of the division. Despite this day, only the first half of 2007 sales conference was held in Dalian. In the past, such meetings were mostly conference calls, not just for three days, but also for all executives, general managers of all branches, and sales directors of the first tier cities.

, in fact, has built up a focus for building TV, and has been faced with the problem of rising costs since its birth. Before that, the focus went through >

The property law of the

will begin in October 1st this year. In accordance with the spirit of the property law, the suspension and play of building TV advertisements must be approved by the owners. In theory, the bargaining power of a single building will increase, and the public will likely face pressure from rising costs and channel constraints. For a time, the owners denounced the "public" violations, "quiet rights", "privacy" of public opinion constantly.


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