2009’s most comprehensive online money making approachPersonal experience to Wangzhuan novice friend

if it’s the same as I do to earn money, as I do, my current financial situation is not so good for my friends. It’s important to choose what kind of station to build. Big investment, we certainly can not afford to play, not yet earned money, the server costs you to drag to death. I don’t know senior webmaster ah has experienced domain renewal money are nervous. If not, it only means that I am useless and have been mixed up in that kind of field. Hope other friends to avoid this problem, because new sites just started all investment, it is impossible to get up at once to start profitable. If you do a good job, 3 months began to profit, it is a good webmaster. Of course, there must be some sick people on the Internet. They have a unique eye, and they will soon make a big profit when they think of new ideas. When others find out, they have already closed their hands.

no money we can see are tricky, understand the dynamic current situation, such as the popular front to ask the thief, put on

6, bid for money,

those very powerful webmaster friends don’t talk to me of the same level, I am not qualified to give anyone a sermon, I just write my personal experience is experience, hope master who raised your hand, don’t you see the shrimp of the same level, just as a joke.

online contribution, save the postage, but also fast, a manuscript can also vote more. This article will not write, find someone else to change, put all sorts of things together on the line, very simple and convenient.


is to spend money to buy some advertising, selling products, realize the difference on the line. The auction can go to the sh419 alliance, shlf1314 Union, Ali mother, another form of bidding is to buy website advertising, the effect is similar, the key is to look at the conversion rate, high conversion rate, product burst Lee, then you will be rich.

I hope that the friends who have just started will be able to position themselves in the light of their own circumstances. Do you come for interest or come to make money?. I was just in order to make money to join the network, and today I do not know the technology, so far I still can not afford to make money. For those interested in the friend, you need to know that the Internet is not really in the free bread, nothing to be rich! here on 360 disdain, he is trying to walk alone in our hands grassroots tiny crumbs, villain, broken the food chain network

5, contribute money

1, blogging, making money,

2, online shop to make money

this should be said to be a lot of people know, I do not want to say more, but the success needs to persist for a long time, unless you are very NB.

3, online survey to make money

whether you are what to order are in need of money to support, no money is certainly not, if you have a stable job, as in anyway, maybe money can earn money cosmetics smoke with your girlfriend. Here is not to say, for the interest of friends.


does not understand what is speculation, is abusive and deceptive, holding people…… Of course, people here can be specific people, or they can be something or company. That is, to help people hype on the network, but the premise is that you can contact the characters in the circle, so that they can get live.

is also very good understanding, some companies involved in the investigation, the company acquired the data you want, you earn RMB, each one takes what he needs, is also very good understanding.

several friends came up and asked me, "how can I make money from the Internet? How can I do it?" honestly, it’s not easy to answer me at once. Want to for a long time, decided to write something, from the bottom of my heart, I am not to write soft Wen promotion while writing this article, I also not how noble or I have a great spirit of Lei Feng, but because I also experienced a lot of suffering and confusion, is now experiencing, how to say, just now do this line will be buried down, no one, after the previous scene. I hope the beginning of the friend saw a little inspiration, I wrote this article for the purpose of reaching.

also needless to say, Taobao earth people know the web site, and now sh419 also have to join, so that we open a shop and a choice.

4, hang make money

SEO is search engine optimization, you can make a lot of it, if you have enough

my station ruanjianpojie/ reprint, please do not delete “

7, the next task to make money

this model will never fail, but the money is always the first to join, after joining can only pave the way for others,

what is called hanging , more, hang chat rooms, dating centers, personal signatures, detailed information, etc., where people can hang advertising, someone will come to make money. The same can be applied to software such as UC and MSN.

9, pull offline to make money,

A5 yesterday in the first to write articles, a lot of friends with me, ask me some questions, I found a lot of is hesitation, or want to enter this line, but can not touch the head and tail of friends.

, if you have some special skills, then go to the task of China, such websites contact, do it, and enjoy it, as long as your expertise enough features, earn thousands of months a month is not a problem.

talking about ways to make money online, this can be too much, here I introduce to you:

10 and SEO make money

8, online hype making money

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