t is better to help people make money than to lose moneyn an interview with the founder CEO Ji Qi

Chinese front courtyard can have such good performance, in the personage inside course of study looks, this and the strategy of Ji Qi of founder of the company is inseparable. And this reporter is in Chinese front courtyard when released earnings report, interviewed this to be called by the industry "poineering Godfather" Chinese front courtyard CEO, Ji Qi.

, but this also means that the Internet can not make money, is the common aspiration of many businesses.

in the courtyard of the Ji Qi Pavilion, a casual dress, wearing a black T-shirt, dressed in jeans, Ji Qi with his usual signature smile and not a big boss of the gas field, but from the little or the "speech and deportment of entrepreneurs, the big boss" demeanor accentuates.

Han Guogang comes with a rather pessimistic report, which reports that 30.8% of online stores in South Korea have opened and closed this year, up from 22.5% last year, according to AEGIS Hyosung, a South Korean fund maker. Which is as high as 90% of South Korea’s online store is open within six months

this site is currently a total of online achievements, has collected 135 thousand teachers, 700 classes to just this year, the second round of the funds raised. However, it is actually >


"we have Chinese front courtyard, All Seasons, Haiyou and recently acquired star, now also in the high-end Hanting Hotel, the name has been taken, called the Jubilee Yue Hotel, will be opened during the year." Ji Qi told reporters, but for the Jubilee Yue first.

this thinking is the opposite of the past. Former commodity entrepreneurs are to "people", I hope by the consumer the best business website open businesses to buy advertising, to accept the award, sending supplies and so on to make a profit. This site features fresh image, can come to the election of the mayor would probably choose, the disadvantage is that the "fees" is not directly, so some sites despite the resounding fame, but has been wandering in the profit and loss two flat edge, do not. Some people even joked, business people only, no harm; I do not know how many such sites because businesses "users negative assessment" has impacted the income! This is a "victim" than "money to help people make money on the web site itself! Is embittered, self trapped in the marsh in.

reports that the numbers represent a "lost" mood. "Young people are called, plunge into the Internet, but soon found on the Internet to make money not so easy!" that is never so easy, immediately retreat, quit! You said this to the media too much propaganda "Internet Millionaire" deeds? But is not only the time we preach the millionaire since we are immersed in the story, the story of Wang Yongqing, Yang Xuan wantonly all successful cases. The problem is the former rich story, now the "Internet version" has shorten the time, a year of riches, more people come in, they simply can not quickly find "rich" within a year, and to six months later, they leave disappointed! But, who said that success is on the horse the Internet? A lot of people disappointed, if not a fool, hold for a long time, the final success is not you.

what does that mean? Why is the life span of online startups so short,

this allows reporters to think when Ji Qi names for the hotel by the court is Hanting, intended to give people a quiet, beautiful Lenovo, name Chinese front courtyard so, the reporter and Ji Qi of CEO of Chinese front courtyard in this dialogue is also quiet and beautiful in the garden.

Ji Qi expresses, he wants to make Chinese front courtyard as the career of a lifetime to do. Of course, in many people’s view, this sentence may be the voice of every entrepreneur, but for Ji Qi, this sentence has different meanings. Because, before Ji Qi founded the Han court, he being a founder of the company has been successful, such as Ctrip will push on the Nasdaq stock market, and Chinese front courtyard of the successful listing of Ji Qi’s third venture company capital market, Ji Qi created 10 years during the completion of 3 companies listed in the same capital market myth, so, also have do poineering work patristic appellation.

, this has become an opportunity for other Internet entrepreneurs. In terms of strategy, I think we can try different businesses and start thinking about "making money for the business", —

this week, there’s a company called TeachStreet in Seattle, America. It’s probably "figured out.". The site has just launched a "gold streaming system" see article for another article. Let the teacher on the above can "collect money for students", you can sell the course, sell textbooks…… Anything can be sold, nothing surprising.

August 22nd, Shanghai, the sky began to rain, but also to ease the Shanghai day hot weather. The dialogue between reporters and Ji Qi was conducted in a courtyard. With the rain, the reporter met face to face of the legend, also to understand the strategic plan of future of Chinese front courtyard.

recently, NASDAQ micro-blog listed 3 domestic Econo Hotel two quarter earnings are all out, the Chinese front courtyard with a profit of 70% year-on-year performance significantly better than 7 days and home.

put up the shutters!

three degrees will launch the company listed

for Ji Qi to operate as a lifetime Hanting business instead of continuous business, in Ji Qi’s view, is not the business again do not allow my ability and energy, but in the time after the start, Ji Qi felt the serial entrepreneur does not have too many challenges, and how to integrate an entrepreneurial enterprises from the start to grow again to a large group of companies, and become the industry leader is the most challenging thing, Ji Qi at the Econo Hotel on the stage for himself once again to create a new brilliance, that will create a Hanting Econo Hotel is not only the image, but a multi brand hotel group.

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