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many friends joined Taobao customers, most of the most puzzling question is how to promote. After understanding the Taobao customers, I want to promote the goods in my hand, but I don’t know what to do. Even some friends choose to buy by themselves, so close friends, friends buy ways to earn commissions. In this case, you can only earn a certain amount of fun, while earning money is likely to be lost and not worthwhile. This section lists the sesame will be more common in the 10 promotion mode, for your reference, mainly the study, in the grasp of a certain foundation, can according to their own ideas, some improvements can be the key to make money, or you.

1: use SNS station to do promotion, the most popular promotion mode of novice

below is the sharing of teacher Xu Xiaoping at the book club:

, and the truth contained in it, is also the secret of any pioneering brand, especially the service brand. Founded in 1985, Starbucks spent 30 years on its market capitalisation of $90 billion. McDonald’s was founded in the middle of 50s, and it is a year older than it is, and its market value is $120 billion. The answer lies in this book: why is it madness, fast, and popular in the short run?.

a lot of Taobao promotion guest friends, using some software, batch registered a large number of Taobao stores some accounts have hundreds, it is not clear how to register so much, I am only 2 then, goods in these shops on the release and promotion of your goods of the same commodity, the promotion in the left on link. Only the price is very low, you can take the front seat. Of course, it should be noted that although there are many categories, but most of them are occupied by peers, so choose some of the lower competition to join. In addition, Taobao will often delete this commodity, so remember to look at it and update it. Of course, this model is not very recommended, relatively affecting the market.

today, with Luo Zhenyu’s invitation, I was honored to share a collection of business classics I’ve collected over the years on April 23rd World Book day. So last night I specially and read these two books, or not. These two books are on duty as I practice under the ticket book, because "the heart" is injected into the Starbucks founder Howard · Schultz published in 1999 that Starbucks has established business autobiography, ten years. And "the way forward" is coming once again at the helm of Starbucks Schultz in 2008 when writing memoirs.

with the rise of SNS, more and more people began to sell their accounts of ten thousand members. Why does this kind of account sell at a certain price? That’s because many people use this account as a Taobao. Of course, you can also add their own friends to do promotion, but it is still more convenient to buy some. These friends can be buried points, so that they visit their own space, and then put their own space in the Taobao customers to promote goods, you can. Of course, happy network is not allowed to send even outside, you can jump through the short URL to Taobao customers way to solve.

more experienced webmaster, will choose blog promotion this way. Because blog promotion to have certain SEO experience, relatively speaking, blog than site to low cost, simple. But the competition is also more intense, more difficult to operate. Suggest that you write 2-3 original articles a day, the best and your goods related content, adhere to a month, there will be some effect. In addition, you can also advertise some good blogs, and the prices are generally low. The key is to pay attention to Bo >

three: blog promotion, must have some optimization experience,

Howard · Schultz Broolyn was born in New York in a relatively poor family, his father got injured as a truck driver at the age of 7, lost the ability to work without pay, no medical insurance, the family is struggling. Howard had no choice but to rely on himself. He played basketball, took a scholarship to college, and then worked as a salesman for a kitchen utensil in Manhattan in Holland.

all day seeking to recommend books, love reading teacher Xu Xiaoping also sit still! Walking the lakes for many years, Mr. Xu to the bottom of the private nature of a few. April 23rd is world reading day, a teacher at the Luo Zhenyu’s invitation, Mr. Xu walked in front of the lens, the old heart good head of Starbucks Howard · Schultz’s autobiography "heart" and "will inject the way forward" generous shared. This is the two book about Xu look up to as the standard to write what? Hurry up and moved a small bench listen!

recommended this book because today’s China has caught up with the era of entrepreneurship, and in this era, we need a new and useful entrepreneurial culture. How to build a brand, how to create a unique user experience, how to create word of mouth? Howard · Schultz in this book, perfect and detailed description of the process of building Starbucks.

remember the last time sesame has told some Taobao customers basic common sense, this article will elaborate, there is a need to look at Taobao customer marketing strategy: a a short time to master the Taobao customer skills

as we all know, the United States is a market oriented country: real estate distribution, car sales, insurance sales… This kind of work is very hard, it depends on performance to make a living. But on the other hand, it is also testing a person’s business sense of smell, and the salesman should mobilize all his strength to do so, but the talents that really emerge from this industry tend to be >

The teacher looked at Wang Qiang

two: the use of Taobao itself to do promotion, more convenient, but fierce competition mode

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