How to upgrade 17 cosmetics stores Store Superman in order to expand customers as the starting point

There are common pain points in

on the other hand, used in store cashier and ERP system is relatively old system complex, many also belongs to the single machine version and the network version, and online integration not only in the simple function, management level. In the increasingly fierce competition at the moment, stores need fine management. Therefore, the "store Superman" product ideas, the first step is to help store customers and marketing interaction, and then the precipitation of data, online and offline data integration management.

bargain, fight group, grab red packets, big turntable…… Store Superman offers a variety of marketing interactive tools to drain cosmetics stores. To bargain tools, for example, assuming a mask 100 yuan, inviting 1 people can bargain 2 yuan, the minimum can be cut to 1 yuan, equivalent to the cost of mask access to 50 users. These users can also open a small shop, two distribution, get commission, cash back.

also provides online mall store Superman "cloud service shop treasure", Li Qinbin introduced the cloud treasure store is not only a buy and sell the trading platform, based on years of experience in the field of cosmetics design team, a lot of detailed function >

17 000 cosmetics stores: small service radius, passenger flow differentiation, old checkout system, poor data on line and offline, low efficiency of supply chain and so on. Based on these painful points, "shop Superman" designed such a product system: marketing platform – SaaS platform – supply chain platform, connecting consumers, cosmetics stores and brands.

"store Superman" was founded in July 2015 and launched its first product in September. In the founder of Li Qinbin seems, Tuo guest is still the largest demand for cosmetics stores. "Consumption upgrade era, emerging consumer groups, such as a lot of 80, 90 is no longer into the store consumption, stores and consumers less’ link ‘, because the store’s business ideas and marketing methods too traditional. Store Superman wants to do stores and consumers’ linker ‘, deep binding."

for the day-to-day management of stores, invoicing and sales, store Superman contains the cash register function, Invoicing function, CRM function. The cashier products into a free version and a paid version 365 yuan / year, the free version supports basic cash register, charge version contains data analysis, such as sales report, stock inventory, guidance on display, consumer behavior analysis, dynamic industry category, shop owners can be performed on the web side, the mobile terminal management. "Shop Superman" hope membership system to get through online and offline stores, the accurate data analysis for the stores to provide sales forecast, adjust the display structure, analysis of consumer behavior; the accumulation of a large number of stores data, provide a better method for the production of upstream brands.

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according to Nelson statistics, as of the end of 2015, about 176292 cosmetics stores nationwide. In 2015, China’s cosmetics retail trade scale reached 484 billion 390 million yuan, of which cosmetics stores contributed about 100 billion yuan retail sales.

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