SF has counted the side effects of morality raisingReal fund founder Xu Xiaoping every entrepreneur

then Angela was human flesh search, personal privacy information was exposed. The girl couldn’t stand the pressure to commit suicide. Afterwards, the owner in the interview, cried, when the photos were passed on micro-blog, just to find her just, I did not expect this, and now very regret. Of course, in addition to being human flesh outside parties, that a moment is a mistake of users is also a victim, they will have their own conscience in the rest of my life.


, we do content change >

Yang Ming: we really have thought of commercialization, since it is entrepreneurial, whether it is content entrepreneurship, or what business, the most important thing is to cash realized, because this is not public welfare.

Xu Xiaoping in the event that he is the venture capital sector "second nets red", and ridicule Li Kaifu micro-blog is the first. He said he was working on the commercialization and realisation of Papi sauce.

, Xu Xiaoping, redefined the net red at the scene of activity, which he believed was authoritative without any authority. In the dialogue process, Papi sauce CEO Yang Ming said, although the Papi sauce content realizable way don’t think very clearly, but it should do is how to make the content more series, more fans can continue to focus on.

according to the Beijing morning news reports, who bought the batterer property tenants rather baffling when the "scapegoat", received thousands of harassing phone calls and text messages, moreover also express the shroud, let the elderly panic. In addition, an ordinary people, Mr. Rao’s mobile phone number is exposed to the Internet, inexplicably become "batterer’s latest mobile phone number", was a frenzied bombing…

"moral chips" side effects


April 15th, Century Fortune Center, looking for China to create customers in the second quarter start forum, in fact, fund founder Xu Xiaoping delivered a keynote speech. Beijing News reporter Peng Ziyang photo

? ? What was the real cause of

Abstract Xu Xiaoping at the event jokingly called himself the venture capital sector "second nets red", and ridicule Li Kaifu is the first.


at the end of 2013, Guangdong Lufeng high school girl Angela was suspected of theft of clothing, then the owner will be monitoring Kiki when shopping video screenshot posted on the Internet, and with the text says a screenshot of the girl is a thief, netizens request exposure of their privacy, many users have to participate in the "human flesh search".

Abstract: Churchill once said that some wars are unnecessary wars. In this way, some acts are the same.

in fact, even in the era of no human flesh search, the public mood has also been crazy


in fact, with the batterer Li Mouren’s information was exposed, users have sent bloody bombing, causing the party had to stop the number. But behind this seemingly "cheerful", but there are several ordinary innocent people have been lying gun.

after a period of time, I had to communicate with Papi sauce, we first back to our original intention, in the beginning we actually didn’t want to get the number of fans and attention, is that the Papi sauce is a fun person, how to get through this form, she wanted to play things play out. On this platform, whether it’s Papi sauce or her short video, let’s do what she likes and do what she wants to say.

a few days ago, a SF courier was hit event, brush the Internet explosion. With the arrival of Wang Wei, the leader of the SF, the incident exploded on the internet. Of course, finally justice has been quiet, the perpetrators have been punished. But in this incident, there was something else that kept me from letting go for a long time.

March 19th, known as the "first net red in 2016", to the original short video popular network Papi sauce, get real fund, Luo Ji thinking, light source capital and star map capital joint investment 12 million yuan.

‘s tragedy,

sponsored by the Beijing News reported a large public activity series "find China hit off the second quarter of April 15th, held in Beijing in the afternoon, it real fund founder Xu Xiaoping and Papi sauce CEO Yang Ming around the" capital market economic net red "dialogue.

in this incident, many netizens have expressed their wish to safeguard social equity and justice, and severely punish batterer. Hit Beijing driver Li Moumou quickly by netizens "human flesh" related personal information, and made public. I don’t intend to dwell on the right and wrong of human flesh search. After all, in a highly networked society, it is difficult for any person or organization to stop the "human flesh search". But the question is, what does it mean for society after human flesh search? What does it bring to society?

Yang Ming: the pressure will be bigger at first, but it’s OK now. In fact, before we accept the investment, we have been thinking about this thing, is it right or wrong?.

nets, red binding substances, life has a lasting vitality,


Xu Xiaoping: is there any pressure on the Papi sauce,

it has been done, we do not need to send over criticism of the shroud, the harassing phone calls this kind of aggressive behavior, because it is already be too numerous to enumerate.

Xu Xiaoping: Papi sauce is fun. She wants to share the fun with more people. She should continue to do what she likes best. Play this fun to the end. So, how do you want to commercialize Papi sauce now,

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